Michael Schumacher goes from 12th to 3rd at 2012 Valencia Grand Prix: In his words, “I Feel extra happy”

As the European Grand Prix made it’s way to Valencia for this year’s F1 season eighth round of championships, auto enthusiasts across the world waited with bated breath as to what one should expect and what will be the outcome of this much watched and highly anticipated event.

The race on the streets of the port area of Valencia cross over to the harbour used by Americas’ Cup in 2007. This is a 5.419 km stretch of street track which is yet to be seen on any other urban circuit. It has a smooth surface with racers being able to take maximum number of laps at full throttle. However, corners have to be approached with caution and at lower speeds.

Valencia track is smoother as compared to Monaco and Canada while average speed is at around 200 kmph. Valencia has the highest number of corners totaling 25. Out of these 10 are in the first second and third gear and to be approached at relatively lower speeds. Besides the GP in Valencia, European Grand Prix’ have taken place in Monaco where the circuit has number of turns and twists which have also to be tackled with caution. Montreal circuit on the other hand has relatively long straights and narrow bends.

The 2012 Valencia Grand Prix saw Michael Schumacher inch his way back to the podium after what can be termed as years. While the Mercedes AMG Petronas F1 driver qualified in 12th place, at race end he was on the podium. 15 points for the team, and 3rd place for the driver was what fans celebrated.

In Michael Schumacher’s words, “Wow, I did not even think of getting on the podium for any second in the race today, so what a wonderful result!” said Michael after his wonderful result in Valencia. “Finally it happened! After such a long time waiting and for jumping on the podium so unexpectedly, I feel extra happy. I think that was the best answer to give to everybody who started doubting our work: get the car together and fight back; never give up, as anything can happen.

A big thank you to the team and to everybody who kept on believing we would get on the podium again. That’s what team work is about. A special word for my mechanics and engineers who have done a fantastic job this weekend after some difficult races this year.

I didn’t think a podium was possible – not even at the end of the race, because it was pretty busy in the last laps and I had lost count of where I was. Then when I crossed the line, I asked the guys where I was and they said “Third – on the podium!”

It’s one of those moments that you enjoy deeply as a driver. We were close a couple of times but it was great for it to happen in a spectacular race like this, through strategy and lots of passing on a circuit where overtaking is difficult.”