Michael Schumacher has driven an F1 car enough to go around the Earth, twice

Well known around the world, Michael Schumacher who is a veteran of 305 Formula 1 races, which include 91 wins and seven championship titles, will be retiring in a few hours, after today’s Brazilian race in Sao Paulo. He loves the sport so much, that this is not his first time at trying retiring. This will be the second time he will try and bid adieu to this sport, his passion.

However he will be going out in style as race statistics have revealed that he has travelled the most in an Formula 1 car, more than 80,000 kms. The announcement came at a time when Michael completed the 10th lap of Circuit of the Americas.

With completion of the 10th lap during the race last week, Michael has notched up 80,000 kms or 49,710 miles, which is equal to circumnavigating the earth twice. He has achieved this milestone after completion of 19 F1 seasons and has bettered the record set by team mate Rubens Barichello.

Michael’s retirement will disappoint a number of motorsport fans but like last time, it is a matter of circumstance and not choice. Mercedeswill be signing on McLaren drive Lewis Hamilton with an aim of building the future for the brand. Michael’s helmet for the race in Sao Paulo displays a message for fans which reads : ‘Life is about passions – thank you for sharing mine.’


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