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Michael Schumacher Mercedes Brand Ambassador keen on road safety

Michael Schumacher, 43, seven time F1 champion, retired at the end of last season after a 3 year comeback with Mercedes. The company has now entered into a long term agreement with Michael Schumacher who will be an ambassador for the brand drawing attention to future technology and road safety.

The Grand prix racer who has a number of wins to his credit with both Benetton and Ferrari during the period 1994 to 2004 is a supporter of driving aids in racing and also in street cars. He has always depended on advanced technologies available in the vehicle and used them to his advantage where enhanced safety is concerned. This long term association with Mercedes will highlight safety for the company as also to the development of Intelligent Drive safety system which Schumacher will help to develop to improve road safety.

Schumacher is excited at this new assignment. He has won a total of 7 world titles during his GP career, 64 podium finishes and 68 pole positions, most of them when he was with Ferrari. He had earlier announced his retirement in 2006 but returned with the Mercedes GP team in 2010. This second retirement seems to be final with Schumacher’s appointment as the new Mercedes ambassador of safety. Schumacher makes his 1st appearance in his new role together with Dr. Dieter Zetsche on 1st May 2013 at Handelsblatt PATHFINDER – The future starts today.’

Michael Schumacher said, “The future interests me much more than the present and past. During my Formula 1 time I always believed that you must not allow yourself to rest on your laurels, but that you must continuously try to improve. In so doing I was very often able to rely on the help of all the technologies available to me in the car and use them to my advantage. That is why I am a declared supporter of driving assistance systems both in the racing car and in the road-going car.”

He added, “I wanted to have a clearly defined remit within the new partnership and I find it very exciting to be able to contribute towards further developments and the optimisation of safety together with the inventor of the car.”

Dr. Joachim Schmidt, Executive Vice President Mercedes-Benz Cars, Sales and Marketing, said, “We are proud that Michael Schumacher, the most successful and best-known racing driver in the world, is again joining us as our partner. Right from the time when he was a Mercedes-Benz junior and of course in the last three years as a driver in our Formula 1 team, Michael Schumacher has always been committed to our company’s projects. This is why it is only logical for both sides to pool their expertise and know-how and to use them, for instance, for enhancing driver assistance systems and thus improve safety on the roads within a partnership.”


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