Michelin CrossClimate will save you from changing tyres as per season

After giving the world access to first-ever aireless radial tyres, French brand Michelin is back in news for another world first – Michelin CrossClimate tyres. Michelin claims that these new all season tyres offer all the functionalities of a summer tyre where performance in dry weather conditions are concerned and are equally efficient in wet weather and in the snow.

Michelin CrossClimate

Michelin CrossClimate with Winter Certification is ideally suited for UK climate. When tested, the tyres delivered 99% in summer tyre performance and 100% in winter tyre performance in snow, both traction and braking. Though proving its stance, the downside of using these tyres is compromise in performance in ice handling. Michelin has specially formulated a new tread compound allowing tyres to adhere to even the slightest of roughness on road while a new material is added under the tread to optimize energy efficiency with reducing heat generation and in the same time enhancing fuel efficiency.

Sporting the same wear and noise characteristics as seen on Michelin Energy Saver+, Michelin CrossClimate allows its users to drive on one tyre all the year around. Offering the same safety traits in summer and winter besides in dry and wet conditions as well as in snow traction and braking, the Michelin CrossCountry is certainly a game changer. These tyres can be fitted in countries where fitting winter tires are a legal requirement. The tyres will be on offer from May 2015 and will be available in a wide range of 23 sizes to fit wheels ranging from 15” to 17”. Additional sizes will be added next year. The tyres have received European label score of “A” in wet grip and “C” in rolling resistance.