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Michelin Green Guide on Chennai and Tamil Nadu

Michelin, leading auto tyre manufactures have introduced Green Guide Series in India. Being introduced in Chennai and Tamil Nadu for a start, this new edition is set to boost enthusiasm among adventure fanatics to discover the rich and varied heritage and culture present in the country. Michelin has long been associated with India where they offer the best of tyres to Indian customers. The introduction of Green Guides is their endeavor to offer Indian customers all necessary information with regards to exploring the country and receiving an all round experience of experiencing the legacy and customs prevalent in a country as diverse as India.

Green Guides is Michelin’s mission commencing with Tamil Nadu and Chennai, offering travelers, both Indian and foreign, a safer and more enjoyable experience.  This endeavor will go a long way in boosting the country’s tourism industry.

The company will be offering travelers tips and updates about various regions with regard to its people, history, culture and traditions. A Michelin star rating system will permit travelers to experience major attractions in the areas. Three star ratings will be highly recommended while two start and one star attraction will also be on the map. The guide will indicate shopping areas, local cuisines, hotels, restaurants and cafes along the way besides ideal accommodation and night life.

Prashant Prabhu, President, Michelin Group Africa, India and Middle East said, “At Michelin, our core mission is to enhance mobility around the world not only through innovative Michelin tyres, but also through our flagship mobility assets such as the Green Guide. We are excited to bring our Green Guides to India, starting with Tamil Nadu & Chennai editions. With this launch, we aim to promote and improve travel experience in Tamil Nadu by making it safer and more enjoyable for travelers from all over India and also from overseas.” He added, “India is a unique travel destination that offers travelers a rich mix of culture and history across a broad spectrum of remarkable destinations from both coasts to the Himalayas. We hope that with Green Guide coming to India, we can contribute to nation’s burgeoning tourism industry.”

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