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Michelin India launches new Radial Truck Tyre for longer life and fuel savings

Michelin India unveiled XZY3 HD tyre at The International Commercial Vehicle Fair, a 3-day event in Chennai, India’s first ever automotive fair dedicated to the commercial vehicle segment. Michelin says, “XZY3 HD is the latest innovation from Michelin for its commercial vehicle customers, engineered to deliver superior benefits – such as improved longevity with multiple retread – and significant fuel savings among others.”

Speaking on the occasion, Mr. Thomas Clark, Managing Director, Michelin India Tyres said, “The commercial vehicle market in India is massive and holds great potential for tyre companies. Michelin XZY3 HD tyres are designed to work optimally as per Indian road conditions. With new improved casing these tyres offer better longevity with multiple retreads and fuel efficiency, thereby substantially reducing cost per kilometer and offering best value for money to fleet owners.”

Catering to the growing needs of fleet owners from multiple commercial vehicle segments, Michelin’s XZY3 HD is made to deliver superior performance on Indian roads. The tyre comes with a round casing design which brings about even-wear and better contact with the surface. To better cope with heavy payloads the Michelin XZY3 HD also offers a reinforced bead design with more bead wires. This also helps in equal distribution of weight, reducing stress spots around the tyre which enables longevity.

Key highlights of Michelin XZY3 HD:

· A New Bead Design: The revolutionary Michelin Casing that enables a Michelin tyre to be retreaded again & again is further made stronger in XZY3 HD because of a new reinforced bead design. The new bead is bigger and more robust. With a reinforced bead MICHELIN XZY3 can be used for multiple lives.

· Additional Metallic Ply: MICHELIN XZY3 HD is a re-engineered tyre that comes with an additional metallic crown ply that ensures even wear & high endurance hence offering better longevity. This also ensures minimised tyre failure due to shock impact.

· New Improved Under Tread: New Under tread (rubber Compound) designed to deliver more fuel saving by reducing the rolling resistance.

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