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Mid Size SUV Sales Nov 2022 – Scorpio, XUV700, Harrier, Safari

As a whole, mid size SUV sales for November 2022 were not very fruitful when compared to October 2022 and hence witnessed 11.10% MoM decline

Mahindra XUV700 Blue
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With immense popularity and demand, Scorpio tops this list by selling 6,455 units last month and almost doubled its sales YoY as opposed to 3,370 units of the OG Scorpio sold in 2021. Sales growth registered was 91.54% and volume growth YoY was 3,085 units. Mahindra XUV700 followed the same path and registered 77.77% YoY growth by selling 5,701 units last month over 3,207 units sold in 2021.

Both Mahindra SUVs suffered losses compared to October 2022 is concerned. Scorpio lost 13.22% and XUV700 lost 1.96% sales, MoM, as opposed to 7,438 and 5,815 units sold in October 2022 respectively. This seems to be due to manufacturing hassles that Mahindra is going through and doesn’t seem to be associated with a lack of demand as there is plenty.

Mid Size SUV Sales Nov 2022

Scorpio and XUV700 hold 30.82% and 27.22% of market share among mid size SUV sales charts respectively. Hyundai Alcazar sold 2,566 SUVs, up from 2,453 SUVs sold a year ago and down from 2,762 SUVs sold a month before. Alcazar took 3rd place on this list despite registering just 4.61% YoY growth and a 9.87% MoM decline.

Harrier took 4th spot and fell into the red completely. As compared to 2,609 units sold in November 2021 and 2,762 units sold in October 2022, Harrier sold just 2,119 units last month and registered a decline of 18.72% YoY and 23.28% MoM. Volume loss stood at 488 units YoY and 643 units MoM and held 10.12% of market share in this segment.

Mid Size SUV Sales November 2022 - YoY
Mid Size SUV Sales November 2022 – YoY

At 5th spot, we have MG Hector with 1,773 vehicles sold in its name. Hector registered 46.53% YoY growth and 8.77% MoM growth as opposed to 1,210 vehicles sold a year ago and 1,630 vehicles sold a month before. This is the only SUV in this list of mid size SUV sales that registered both YoY and MoM growth and the only one except for Citroen C5 to show MoM growth.

Hector gained 563 vehicles YoY and 143 vehicles MoM in volume. Safari managed to outsell its numbers from 2021 by the skin of its teeth as YoY growth was under 1%. With 1,437 units sold last month and 1,751 units sold in October 2022, Safari sales dropped by 17.93% MoM. Volume gained YoY stood at just 13 units, while volume lost MoM stood at 314 units.

Citroen C5 Registered MoM Growth

Just like Harrier, Jeep Compass sales spiraled down as well. With 550 SUVs sold in its name, Compass registered a 47.72% decline YoY and a 24.86% decline MoM. Market share for Compass was 3.11% in October 2022 and reduced to 2.63% last month. Recently launched Tucson outsold previous-gen Tucson by 128.7% growth YoY.

Mid Size SUV Sales November 2022 - MoM
Mid Size SUV Sales November 2022 – MoM

That said, with just 247 units sold, Tucson sales dropped MoM by 49.28%. Volkswagen Tiguan managed to sell just 76 units last month and saw 8.43% MoM drop. Lastly, we have Citroen C5 Aircross which sold 21 units and witnessed 59.62% YoY decline and 40% MoM growth as opposed to just 15 units sold in October 2022.

In total, mid size SUV sales for the month of November 2022 accounted for 20,945 units. As opposed to 15,483 units sold in November 2022 and 23,560 units sold in October 2022, this segment witnessed 35.28% YoY growth and 11.10% MoM decline. Volume gain YoY stood at 5,462 units and volume decline MoM was 2,615 units.

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