Middle Eastern millionaires vacation in London every year with their supercars (Video)

It could well be a fashion show of elite cars as they sashay down the ramp of London streets. London has always been a center for millionaires to zoom around in exceptionally flashy cars. A quick walk through a street in London will ensure sightings of at least a few such outstanding vehicles.

During summer, it becomes too hot in Middle Eastern countries and in order to cool-off a bit, Arab millionaires, do come to London for a holiday every summer. But did you know that along with them, they bring their supercars as well. This swarms the streets of London with supercars with foreign license plates.

In the past few weeks a number of such super cars have been sighted on the streets of London specially in Knightsbridge and Kensington. Rare and expensive vehicles with a total value of £5 million (Rs 40 crores) were also sighted outside Dorchester Hotel, all believed to be in the possession of an oil rich Arab. The trip sees the elite group of suparcar owners tour Europe.

According to Rashed from Dubai, “Every summer I fly my car and I liaise with my friends who bring also their cars, we enjoy ourselves together for a month and half, we go to Cannes then we return to London before we ship the cars back to our countries.”

Be it Bugatti Veyrons, Rolls Royce Phantom, Ferrari, Lamborghini and the likes, seeing so many luxury cars in one place is definitely a sight to note. All these cars with Middle Eastern registration numbers journey for some weeks of respite from the hot climates back home.

With Wimbledon going on, and London Olympics coming up, it is expected that more and more rich Arabs are going to enter London with their expensive toys. One interesting fact here, is that during this time, authorities collect millions of pounds in the form of parking ticket fines. From 2010, the authorities are yet to collect £4 million in parking fines from these extraordinary visitors.


Arabs take London by storm in their Luxury cars