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Mini excavator loading itself act is genius, but what about road damage?

Mini excavator loads itself act is genius, but damages road too

It has been rightly said that ‘Necessity is the Mother of Inventions’. While most inventions and discoveries owe their success to necessity, there could not be a more fitting example than what can be seen in this video. Captured by Jacob Abraham outside his paint shop in Kerala, the video depicts an operator getting his excavator on a truck with no use of crane, hoist or climbing ramp.

While many would label the task as impossible, the video shows a small time operator of a mini excavator trying to get the load on to a truck. The entire process is simple and straightforward and carried out with no help from any other human being or machinery. The video shows the operator in action as he sets about using the excavator to its full potential to climb onto the truck itself.

Skill, precision and all in a video running 1.29 seconds, the hefty excavator made its way off the road and onto the truck ready for its onward journey. The excavator operator deftly manages to follow the Laws of Physics, balancing weight and centre of gravity to get the excavator onto the truck, turning the excavator claw in various directions to first pull and then push the excavator into place. The only assistance that the excavator operator received was from the truck driver who applied brakes at the opportune time.

Mini excavator loads itself act is genius, but damages road tooBut keeping this genius act aside, what has happened on the other side, a public road has been damaged. This act only shows how common it is for most of us to have no regard for public property. Our avid reader, Madhusudhan Naidu rightly points out, “great skill, hats off ! but see the damage done to the road and what if the lorry topples ! The public are in danger too !”


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