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Mob-ion AM1 Electric Scooter Makes Global Debut, 140 Km Range

New Mob-ion AM1 Electric Scooter Launched
New Mob-ion AM1 Electric Scooter Launched

Mob-ion AM1 gets a simple design with fairly easy-going ergonomics and two iterations- a single-seater and a double-seater

Electric scooters are not only in demand in India, but also globally. Mob-ion is a French mobility startup that has been in the news quite often recently. They have now revealed their new electric scooter called AM1.

AM1 is one of the first electric two-wheelers completely made in France and boasts an AFNOR accreditation, which is one of the most stringent in the industry. It stands for Association Française de Normalisation and in order to receive this accreditation at least 50 percent of its production should take place in France.

Roughly 70 percent of all components of the electric scooter are produced in France. With installation of more production lines, this percentage is expected to increase in the future. The AM1 has been L1e certified which means it has been classified under the moped category.

Mob-ion AM1 Electric Scooter Specs

Coming to specifications, AM1 is powered by a brushless electric motor with a nominal output of 3 kW. This motor draws energy from two removable batteries placed under the saddle which offer a range of 140km on a single charge.

New Mob-ion AM1 Electric Scooter Launched
New Mob-ion AM1 Electric Scooter Launched

The company claims that it takes two hours and thirty minutes for the batteries to be fully rejuvenated. The scooter can reach a top speed of 45kmph. When it comes to features, AM1 has been loaded with all modern amenities expected in a battery-powered scooter.

This includes LED headlights, a GPS-based location system, a reverse gear, and an anti-theft system that features a Remote shutdown via a computer or smartphone. It also gets a digital instrument console that displays crucial information like battery level, range left, etc.

Electric Scooter Price

The scooter tips the weighing scales at 92kg which is very nimble for a battery-powered two-wheeler and has a total load-bearing capacity of 260 kilos. AM1 is being offered in two iterations- a single-seater and a double-seater. The former is likely to be utilised mostly by last-mile services.

Mob-ion has priced the AM1 at 3,582 Euros (equivalent to INR 3.04 lakh), making it a lot more expensive than most of the electric scooters on sale in India. The French EV startup is also offering the electric scooter at a monthly subscription fee of 99 Euros. It is fairly evident that at this price point it is unlikely to reach Indian shores any time in the near future.

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