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Update:Honda Mobilio vs Maruti Ertiga Review

ertiga vs mobilio 1 exterior

Honda’s seven seater Mobilio launches later this month set to take on the likes of Maruti Suzuki Ertiga, Chevrolet Enjoy and Nissan Evalia. Considering Ertiga is the leader in this segment, we have a comparison review of the two.

ertiga vs mobilio 1 exteriorDimensions: Maruti Suzuki Ertiga is compact, measuring 4265mm length, 1695mm width and 1685mm height, with 2740mm of wheelbase. Conversely, the Mobilio measures 4386mm length, 1683mm width and 1603mm height. It has a wheelbase of 2652mm. Though the wheelbase is smaller, Mobilio is actually longer than Ertiga, giving additional legroom on the inside.

ertiga vs mobilio 2 front rearDesign: Visual appeal of the Ertiga instantly stands out as a Maruti Suzuki product. Its façade resembles both Swift and Ritz hatchbacks with similar looking swept back headlamps, grille and bonnet. Differences set in at the rear giving its design an MPV like appearance. Mobilio on the other hand does the same thing as it receives a Brio like appearance. Honda has tried to give it a different look, with chrome grille and sporty looking bumper, but overall, the car still resembles Brio and Amaze. What stands out for Mobilio, is its rear design. Unlike Ertiga, the Honda MPV carries a very sporty rear, thanks to the clever design architecture from their designer.

ertiga vs mobilio 3 interiorsInteriors: Moving onto the interiors, both Maruti Suzuki Ertiga and Honda Mobilio have advantages and disadvantages in this area. Talking about dashboard feel and design, it is Ertiga’s which feels and looks more premium than that of Mobilio. Feel of steering wheel is much better in Mobilio, but the instrument control of Ertiga gives a better appeal.

Space: Compared to Maruti Ertiga, Mobilio easily has more space. Doors that open wide for easy ingress and egress, more legroom, bigger rear window, tumble seats for second row giving easy passage into third row, etc gives Mobilio a clear win over Ertiga when it comes to interior space and accessibility for passengers during travel.

ertiga vs mobilio 7 third row seatsSpeaking about third row seats, Ertiga hardly offers any legroom, and is only meant for kids. On the other hand, Mobilio offers plenty. We had three six footers sitting one behind the other, and the legroom was still not a problem. The above image was clicked with both cars second row seats pushed all the way back.

Boot and storage space in Mobilio are larger as compared to Ertiga. Mobilio also has more cubby holes and bins in cabin area for additional storage. Seat fabric of Ertiga is better, and so is the comfort and cushioning.

ertiga vs mobilio 4 consoleInfotainment: During the media drive, Honda said that Mobilio includes a touchsceen infotainment system with head unit playing video and an in built satellite navigation system. But as of now, they have revealed that this system will not be present once the car is launched. This is due to a software issue which could not be fixed. They have said that the 6.1 inch touchscreen AVN might return at a later stage. The woody panel on dash will also be given a miss. Ertiga receives a basic audio system compatible with USB and Aux-in, same is the case with Mobilio. Speaker quality of Ertiga is slightly better than that of Ertiga.


Engine and Mileage: Comparing diesel engine specifications, the upcoming Honda Mobilio will undercut competition where mileage is concerned. Mobilio will be seen powered by a 4 cylinder 1.5 liter DOHC i-DTEC engine with 100 PS peak power at 3,600 rpm and 200 Nm torque at 1750 rpm mated to a 5 speed manual gearbox. Martui Suzuki Ertiga ZDI diesel variant is powered by a 4 cylinder 1.3 liter DOHC DDiS engine offering 90 PS at 4000 rpm and 200 Nm torque at 1750 rpm mated to a 5 speed manual gearbox. The difference lies in fuel efficiency wherein the Ertiga engine offers 20 kmpl while the Mobilio claims to have fuel efficiency of 24.2 kmpl mileage which is not offered by any other MPV on sale in India.

ertiga vs mobilio 5 steering wheelFor petrol engine option, Mobilio comes with Honda’s 1.5l iVTEC generating 119 PS and 145 Nm torque. Ertiga comes with 1.4l K Series engine delivering 95 PS power and 130 Nm torque. Mileage claimed by Maruti is 16 kmpl, while that by Honda is 17.3 kmpl.

Driving and Performance: Of the two, Mobilio is a driver’s car. Both petrol and diesel engine variants are not only more powerful as compared to Maruti Ertiga, but they are also more refined. Power delivery is better and steering is responsive. In case of Ertiga, the steering is heavier, engine is more noisy, and NVH levels are not as good as Honda Mobilio.

ertiga vs mobilio 6 second row seatsBut thanks to better cushioning of seats, Maruti Ertiga scores more when out on a long journey. But again, there is a glitch. It is only good for 5 adults to travel in comfort, whereas Mobilio is good to go for 7 adults.

ertiga vs mobilio 8 tumble seatsConclusion: Honda Mobilio and Maruti Ertiga each have their advantages and disadvantages. But in the end, when we count overall, it is the Mobilio which comes out on the top. Though, it is still early to award the prize to Mobilio, as the most important aspect is yet to be revealed, its price.

Below is a tabular format of Honda Mobilio vs Maruti Ertiga (Price of Mobilio updated)

Maruti Ertiga Maruti Ertiga Maruti Ertiga Honda Mobilio Honda Mobilio
Specifications Petrol CNG Diesel Petrol Diesel
Dimensions (mm)
Overall length 4,265 4,265 4,265 4,386 4,386
Overall width 1,695 1,695 1,695 1,683 1,683
Overall height 1,685 1,685 1,685 1,603 1,603
Wheel base 2,740 2,740 2,740 2,652 2,652
Front track 1,480 1,480 1,480 N/A N/A
Rear track 1,490 1,490 1,490 N/A N/A
Ground clearance 185 185 185 189 189
Turning radius (m) 5.2 5.2 5.2 5.4 5.4
Type K-Series Petrol Engine with VVT K-Series Petrol Engine with VVT DDiS Diesel Engine i-VTEC i-DTEC DOHC
Displacement (cc) 1373 1373 1248 1497 1498
Number of cylinders 4 4 4 4 4
Number of valves 16 16 16 16 SOHC 16
Fuel distribution Multipoint Injection MPI CRDI (Common Rail Direct Injection) MPFi MPFi
Bore (mm) x Stroke (mm) 73 x 82 73×82 69.6 x 82 N/A N/A
Maximum power (PS@rpm) 95 @ 6000 82 @ 6000 90 @ 4000 119 @ 6,600 100 @ 3,600
Maximum torque (Nm@rpm) 130 @ 4000 110 @ 4000 200 @ 1750 145 @ 4,600 200 @ 1,750
Milegae 16.02 kmpl 17.65 km/kg 20.77 17.3 kmpl 24.2
Type 5MT 5MT 5MT 5MT 5MT
Kerb weight (Kg) 1,160 1,235 1,846 (Gross) 1,131-1,160 1214-1245
Power steering type EPS & Tilt EPS & Tilt EPS & Tilt Collapsible Electric Power Steering Collapsible Electric Power Assisted
Front Disc Disc Disc Disc Disc
Rear Drum Drum Drum Drum Drum
Front McPherson Strut McPherson Strut McPherson Strut McPherson Strut McPherson Strut
Rear Torsion Beam Torsion Beam Torsion Beam Torsion Beam Torsion Beam
Tyre Size
Front / Rear 185/65 R15 185/65 R15 185/65 R15 185/65 R15 185/65 R15
Boot Volume (L) 135 N/A 135 200 200
Fuel tank capacity (L) 45 60 45 42 42
Seating capacity 7 7 7 7 7
Price  (ex-showroom Delhi) Rs. 5.80 – Rs. 7.35 lakhs Rs. 6.40 – Rs. 7.15 lakhs Rs. 7.22 – Rs. 8.49 lakhs Rs. 6.49 – Rs. 8.78 lakhs Rs. 7.89 – Rs. 9.60 lakhs

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  • Jeff

    These images do speak for themselves. Honda Mobilio is easily more spacious and better looking, but Ertiga has better dashboard and seats. I think they will attract a different set of crowds. Loyals will stick to Maruti, while, as always, the enthusiast will head to Honda 🙂

    • lvn

      Pictures do not do justice for the Ertiga, especially for second row seats which can be adjusted forwards and backwards. The picture shown here of the Ertiga shows the second row seats pushed all the way back and marked “hardly any room” and the second picture with the seats folded flat makes it appear that even kids cannot fit in it whereas in the Mobilio the seats seemed to adjusted accordingly allowing for adequate leg room in the second and third rows, if this reviewer is adamant to be biased…so be it because as an owner of an Ertiga I beg to differ.

      • sagar112

        Helllo Ivn. The Ertiga you see in the images above is my own. Both second row seats (Mobilio’s and Ertiga’s) were pushed all the way back when the images were clicked!

  • Vishnu Prasad

    I test drove and dropped Mobilio because of practical issues. 3rd row is ok if you want to move people in city but over highway or about 3-6hrs kind of drive the lack of cushion will eat away the legs of rear passengers. Also the variant to go is “High” in both options to get maximum features which is clearly 2 lakhs above ertiga’s high end variant. So VFM tells Ertiga is better. If space/power and comfort is a factor, I feel you can go for Xylo facelift which is coming soon.