Mobius Two SUV at $6,000: A new vehicle for transportation deprived rural Africa (Video)

Designed specifically for the rough and bumpy terrains of Africa, Mobius Two SUV is the world’s cheapest SUV at 950,000 Kenyan Shelling (about $6,000 at today’s exchange rate). A product of Mobius Motors of Africa, the boxy two door SUV looks similar in many respects to Citroen Mehari which was introduced in the 1960s. Mobius Two is the company’s second vehicle. Mobius Two is low in weight but sturdy in structure. The body is a combination of high strength steel frame with aluminum/fiberglass body paneling. Off the shelf parts ensure that the vehicle is affordable, functional and durable.

Comfortably seating between six to eight adults, Mobius Two is ideal to be used for school transport or as a mini taxi. Seating can be altered according to use as two rear seats are perpendicular to front seats and can be adjusted to suit a variety of requirements. Seats when folded ensure large cabin space making the SUV suitable as a cargo carrier with haul capacity upto 1100 pounds. Low on fuel consumption, Mobius Two is fitted with Toyota four cylinder gasoline engine. The company has assured of deliveries by end of this year. This cheap and durable SUV Mobius Two will come with a price tag of $6,000.

Currently, there is no kind of transportation facility in rural Africa and Mobius aims to change that.Mobius says, “Public transit in Africa is typically run-down or nonexistent, and the costs of owning a private vehicle to most of the population are prohibitive. That leaves few options for mobility, especially for those in more remote areas who have the highest need for transport. Most rural communities rely on motorbikes as their only source of motorized short-haul point-to-point transport (often walking huge distances instead) and minivans as their only source of long-haul travel to nearby towns. Unfortunately, both of these transport modes are seriously deficient in a number of areas. Auto rickshaws – common in urban areas – are inadequate for rural terrain and do not even operate in these areas.

“Africa’s rural poor are some of the most disadvantaged and underserved people on earth. Their demand for mobility is the highest, yet a total lack of appropriate public transport seriously inhibits socio-economic development, creating an extreme bottleneck for future growth and prosperity. A lack of appropriate transport in rural areas creates acute problems:

“children struggle to access education, often walking many kilometers to get to school
women spend most of the day gathering water and carrying heavy loads on their heads
farmers struggle to transport goods to market or access improved farm inputs
entrepreneurs have limited opportunity to reach customers, weakening local economies
communities have little access to information services such as newspapers and mail
the sick struggle to access hospitals, doctors or preventative medicine.”

Being headquartered in Nairobi, Kenya, Mobius is on the lookout for professionals who can help them achieve their dream. Mobius is currently looking for;

Automotive Designer
Cost Engineer
Marketing Associate
Operations Director
Organisation Associate
Sales Officer
Mechanical Engineer
Financial Director
Impact Associate
Executive Assistant

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