Tale of two rickshaws – One imitates Mahindra Scorpio, the other Tata Nano

Mahindra acquired the Scorpio-style auto rickshaw for its museum and gifted the owner a brand new Supro minitruck.

Auto rickshaw drivers in Kerala lead the way in pimping up their rides, as evident from these two interesting examples. For these owners/drivers, the three wheeler is more than just a means to earn their living.

These modified urban runabouts clearly demonstrate their passion for the profession. Moreover, their unique appeal goes a long way in luring potential customers.

This auto rickshaw with Mahindra Scorpio‘s rear fascia has become so popular among people that it reached Anand Mahindra’s attention through Twitter. The head honcho is so impressed with this mod-job that he offered to buy it in exchange of a 4 wheeler!

About a month and a half later, Mahindra’s team managed to locate the owner, gifted him a brand new Supro minitruck, and acquired the modified rickshaw which now graces the SUV maker’s museum.

Another equally intriguing auto rickshaw customization adopts Tata Nano‘s rear half complete with doors. Finished in matte blue, this particular example also features extensive chrome embellishments on its front fascia. The pimped up rick also boasts of blue interior and color-coordinated bucket seat for the driver. It even has black roof complete with rails and a rear-mounted spare wheel with chrome hubcap. We wonder if Tata Motors would gift the owner a Nano in exchange for acquiring this rickshaw! Images are credit to Vikram Kanwar.