Modified Continental GT bears hints of Royal Enfield Himalayan tourer?

The motorcycle in question is actually associated with an ex-employee of Royal Enfield. This is a modified version of RE Continental GT, been in existence for several months and displayed at Rider Mania 2014 as a one-off mod.

Modified Continental GT not Royal Enfield Himalayan
Real question is, does this scrambler prototype carry any resemblance with upcoming RE tourer, since the knowledge of the project could have had an influence into this custom job?
Some features of this impeccably modified Continental GT does merit to be used in an adventure tourer, considering RE will stick to the cult design. Or, it is also possible that this piece of unique styling could have been made to gather feedback from fellow RE club members, as their approval would go a long way into reckoning the design as a success. The bulgy fuel tank is the focal point of this custom Continental, which could influence the upcoming tourer’s, if this really is a covert operation by the company to gauge responses.

Those who still believe that no adventure tourer will come anytime soon or not at all for that matter from the Indian automaker, you will be surprised by the end of this year or early next year (according to our sources). And no, Royal Enfield Himalayan is not confirmed to be the name of the forthcoming tourer, but the odds of that happening are pretty good.

Thus far, it is only confirmed that Royal Enfield is planning at least three launches next year, at least two of which will brand new engine platforms each.

So, what is your take on this custom Continental GT?


Images via theghostrider31