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Lambretta scooter modified for Rs 2.5 L – Gets Yamaha 65 hp twin cyl engine

The modified Lambretta scooter is powered by a twin-cylinder two-stroke 350 cc ATV engine which has been pumped up to produce 65 hp

A few decades ago, the Italian scooters were one of the most common sights on Indian roads but as the 2-stroke era faded away, the Vespas, Lambrettas and their Indian derivatives who were responsible for putting generations of Indians on wheels rapidly disappeared from the scene. Now, the few surviving units have become prized possessions.

Twin-cylinder Lambretta DL

The Vijay Super Mark 2, the India-made version of the popular Lambretta DL, is now a collector’s item and a delight for restoration specialists. Here is one such example from Bangalore, India. This red-yellow Lambretta scooter is not only restored but is extensively modified. It is not everyday we come across a modified vintage scooter in India, especially one which can put to shame a lot of medium displacement sportsbikes on the market on a straight line drag.

This modified Lambretta scooter’s party trick is its 350 cc two-stroke twin-cylinder engine which has been borrowed from the old Yamaha Banshee ATV. The motor itself has been modified to produce 65 hp as against the stock version’s 34 hp. With 65 hp of two stroke madness, this modified Lambretta scooter is not the one to be taken lightly.

Lambretta Scooter Modified

The engine transplant required extensive modification of the chassis and engine bay. The liquid-cooled motor’s radiator is located upfront and is fed via a custom intake on the apron.

Suspension and brakes

With so much power at its disposal, the modified Lambretta scooter needs strong enough brakes and suspension to hold it together. The front end receives additional dampers and two disc brakes while the rear gets beefed up shock absorbers and a single disc. Premium tyres and a custom twin exhaust system add to the scooter’s high-performance credentials.

Lambretta Scooter Modified

While the vehicle seems to be adequately reinforced to handle all that additional power, taming a ferocious two-stroke engine in a scooter package requires great deal of skill.


The scooter ditches its stock headlamp for an LED infused unit but the square shape of the casing has been retained. The red and yellow paint job with ‘Gold Flake’ aka ‘Flakes’ branding goes well with the vintage scooter’s original bodywork.

Lambretta Scooter Modified

The creator

This extensive restoration and modification project was undertaken by Bangalore-based Senthil Govindraj, a tatoo-artist cum two wheeler enthusiast. It took him about a year and INR 2.5 lakhs to convert a battered Lambretta DL into this mean machine. He fondly calls his creation as Yambretta since it adopts a Yamaha engine.

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