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Modified Suzuki Jimny From Japan Wants To Go Racing

Suzuki Jimny Modified
Suzuki Jimny Modified

The modified Suzuki Jimny features a 660 cc Japanese Kei car-spec petrol engine

Over the generations, the Suzuki Jimny has built a solid reputation for being one of the most affordable SUVs that feel at home off the road. The compact dimensions, high ground clearance and light weight made it a farmer’s delight in remotest of the locations.

Although the current generation model possesses all these positive characters, due to an acute shortage of supply, it has evolved into a collector’s item with a cult following.

Modified Suzuki Jimny by ESB Customs

The latest generation Suzuki Jimny with its boxy proportions and simple hardware adapts to extensive modifications effortlessly. Its similarity to the iconic Mercedes G-Wagon has inspired numerous imitations across the world and is a go-to modification idea.

However, Japan’s ESB Customs attempted to do something fresh. They converted a true-blue off-roader into a street racing machine! Why would someone do that is beyond us, but we are glad they did it because the end result is a good looking Jimny full of intent.

Suzuki Jimny Modified
Suzuki Jimny Modified

For starters, the ride height has been lowered by a good 90 mm using custom CLS suspension with anti-roll kit. This alone has made the otherwise affable little off-roader look like it is crouching before an attack. The custom CLS Barrel aero kit which includes a revised bumper with triangular air-intakes and a body-colored shroud for the upper part of the grille renders the modified Suzuki Jimny an aggressive character.

The pimped up Jimny also boasts flared wheel arches, side skirts, roof mounted spoiler and a custom rear bumper. Custom CLS white painted wheels shod with low profile wide rubber add to the vehicle’s race-ready stance.

While the interior pictures are not available as of now, it is being reported that the modified Suzuki Jimny features a custom CLS steering wheel and upholstery. The vehicle which is not road legal in Japan was originally supposed to be displayed at the Tokyo Auto Salon this month but since the event has been cancelled due to the COVID-19 crisis, it is expected to be displayed at a subsequent auto show in the country.

Suzuki Jimny Modified
Suzuki Jimny Modified


Unlike the rest of the world, the Japan-spec Suzuki Jimny is a Kei car and hence complies with the local regulation for the engine displacement. The puny 660 cc petrol engine makes 64 PS which is not a lot for a road racer.

Japan has an immensely popular car modification culture which has made the term JDM (Japanese Domestic Market) revered around the world. This modified Suzuki Jimny with its serious intent and loads of swag keeps up with the trend.

CKD production of Suzuki Jimny for export markets has commenced at Maruti Suzuki’s Gurgaon plant. The company is currently working on a 5-door model which will have markets like India as primary targets.


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