Mopar Top Eliminator gives fans added chance to win Top Eliminator title

Mopar has made it possible to offer fans another chance to make it to the Top Eliminator title following increased popularity and increased demand. This competition will be available through an online Facebook competition wherein Mopar officials will review all submissions from October 8th and select the top 10.

Thereafter selection is in the hands of fans that will be able to vote for their winners from October 15th to 18th with the winner being announced on October 22nd. Mopar Top Eliminator is a platform on which auto enthusiasts show off their Moparized vehicle to the entire world right by following simple instructions.

This competition which commenced in September 24th got fans to upload photos of their classic or contemporary Mopar vehicles on a specially created Mopar Facebook page Mopar Top Eliminator candidates will be judged on the basis of various aspects which will include Mopar content, appearance, etc with the winners receiving a special Mopar Top Eliminator trophy.

Auto news release: Mopar® ‘Top Eliminator’ Program Goes Digital with Online Competition
The Mopar® ‘Top Eliminator’ program recognizes the most skilled Mopar enthusiasts and their modified Mopar vehicles
Top-10 to be selected on Oct. 15, with fans voting online from Oct. 15-21
Mopar ‘Top Eliminator’ Facebook winner announced Oct. 22

Due to the overwhelming success and popularity of the event-based Mopar® “Top Eliminator” program, Mopar officials have decided to give fans an additional chance to win the title of Mopar “Top Eliminator” through a brand-new online Facebook competition. The online version of the Mopar “Top Eliminator” program provides Mopar enthusiasts who couldn’t attend one of the three live events this year, a platform to show off their Moparized vehicles to the entire world, all within the comfort of their own homes.

Beginning on Sept. 24, fans can upload photos of their classic or modern-day Mopar vehicles on the “Top Eliminator” tab on the Mopar Facebook page located at In addition, each entrant will provide a brief background story on their vehicle, along with details on the work, such as Mopar parts and accessories within the vehicle. Mopar officials will review all submissions starting Oct. 8 and select a Top-10. Fans will then have from Oct. 15-21 to vote on the vehicles, with the winner being announced on Oct. 22.

“We know that the Mopar Nation has done much to grow our brand. Their stories not only inspire us but inspire one another as well. They build more than amazing cars. They build memories and expertise,” Said Tricia Hecker, Director of Mopar Marketing, Chrysler Group LLC’s service, parts and customer-care brand. “We wanted to develop a program that allows everyone to share with each other and ultimately help us choose the most inspiring and highest quality car in our Mopar community. We can’t wait to see the submissions! It will help us know what the Mopar Nation needs next!”

The long-running Mopar “Top Eliminator” program shines a light on passionate and dedicated Mopar enthusiasts who display unmatched skill in modifying or preserving a classic or modern-day Mopar vehicle. Three event-based Mopar “Top Eliminator” competitions have already taken place this year with three diverse winners being chosen.

Mopar “Top Eliminator” candidates are judged on a number of criteria, including Mopar content, overall appearance, along with the story behind the build and additional benchmarks. The winner of the Mopar online “Top Eliminator” competition will not have their vehicle on display at SEMA, they will, however, receive the exclusive Mopar “Top Eliminator” trophy.

Tom Ledoux of Pearland, Texas, was chosen as the first 2012 Mopar “Top Eliminator” winner for his modified 2009 Dodge Challenger SRT8® during the Seventh Annual Spring Festival of LXs in Irvine, Calif. Neil Wedeking of Marble Rock, Iowa, was named the second Mopar “Top Eliminator” winner of the year for his 1970 Plymouth AAR ‘Cuda during the 28th Annual Midwest Mopars in the Park car show in Farmington, Minn. Rich Gengo of Piscataway, N.J., was named the third Mopar “Top Eliminator” winner of 2012 for his 1951 Dodge pickup truck at the Carlisle Chrysler Nationals in Carlisle, Pa., July 6–8.