Motor Diaries – Untold stories of forgotten vehicles

Motor Diaries is a web-series which came to life in November last year. It is based on people who have tremendous love and passion for their unique vehicles. The channel aims at reaching out to fans who have passion and love for classic cars & bikes like the people we’ve featured on the channel.

A random discussion amongst few people about classics, eventually led to the inception of Motor Diaries. The whole essence of this channel is to provide non-mainstream automotive content. There are ample of channels which speak about regular car stuff like reviews, sneak peeks etc but not many amplify the passion a vehicle owner has for his machine.

Basically, they are a bunch of guys who are creating automotive content like no other, especially in India. Below are some of their videos. Do check them out. They will take you for a trip down memory lane.

1983 Rajdoot RD350 – Passion Kept Alive

Jawa 250cc – The Czech Connection

Alfa Romeo Giulia – The Perfect Gift

1962 Standard Herald – First Love

Morris Minor & Mercedes 180D – Home Built

The Breakfast Drive

The Pelican

Motor Diaries is an intellectual property owned by Sooperfly. For more, visit their channel here.

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