Honda CBR250R rider gets instant karma for showing finger to car driver
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Honda CBR250R rider gets instant karma for showing finger to car driver

A video sent by a reader, shows how a Honda CBR250R rider learns a very important lesson.


While riding on Indian roads, it is very easy for a biker (who is following all the rules and regulations) to get pissed. There are tons of reason for that. Some bikers not following lane rules, overtaking from wrong side, car guys not giving side, and many more. But, in all this, it is very important that you keep your cool. One mistake, and it is the biker and his bike who is at the most risk.

This is what happens in the video below. A Volkswagen Vento coming from the opposite side, gets into the other lane while overtaking. The Pune based biker, does what most of would do. Shows finger to the car driver. But what happens next, proves the above point – always keep your cool when riding a bike.

The biker is met with instant karma. Not only he took his hand off the handlebar, he also took his eyes off the road, resulting in a crash. Some would argue that the car driver came on to the biker’s lane. But, if you look closely, the line drawn on the road is not a solid one, but a broken one. What this means is that whenever there is room, the users can overtake with caution.

The car driver had enough room to overtake without putting the two bikers at risk. Which is exactly what he was doing. The biker over-reacts and points finger at the car driver. The result is for everyone to see.

A similar accident had taken place a few months ago. A Bajaj Dominar 400 rider was riding and checking his phone using right hand. Suddenly, the bus in front of him applied brakes. Unable to brake in time as his right hand was not on the brake, the biker ended up colliding with the bus’s rear. As the impact was made at a high speed, the crash resulted in the Dominar 400 ending up the bus’s rear.

Surprisingly, chassis of the Dominar has remained intact, so has the front forks, which probably took the full impact. What has been damaged, is the headlight assembly, handle bars, and tank cowls. The rider too is alright.

Yes, the build quality of Dominar 400 has done its job. But, speeding behind a bus, and that too inside a city, is not the right thing to do. If you are of the opinion that your bike has disc brakes, ABS, and you will manage to avoid any kind of situation, you are wrong. It is more important that you understand your bike, before taking it to its limits.

A few months back we had reported about the head-on collision between Bajaj Dominar 400 and Hyosung GT 650 in Delhi. It was reported that the Hyosung GT 650 rider were performing a high speed stunt at IIFT’s Dhaba lane, which is hardly 20 feet wide.

That morning, around 8-30 AM, the Hyosung GT 650R rider was preparing to perform a high speed stunt. The idea was to take the bike to a triple digit speed, and brake hard. The Hyosung rider saw the empty stretch and started with his stunt. Sadly, at one point, a scooter rider entered the lane. This made the Hyosung rider to switch lane. He then collided head-on with a Bajaj Dominar 400 rider who hardly had any time to move out of the fast oncoming Hyosung.

Riding the Bajaj Dominar was 20 year old Raman, who had been gifted the Bajaj Dominar by his father just a month ago. Riding Hyosung GT 650 was 27 year old Charles Brian who was riding with his friend Pradeep Nair.

Soon a large number of people gathered as there was a huge sound. The three – Raman, Brian and Pradeep were lying on the road badly injured. In fact, one of them had his leg broken and was hanging when people lifted and placed them into ambulance.

Of the three, Raman was the youngest. He succumbed to his injuries soon after reaching the hospital. He lost his life at no fault of his. When you overspeed, or perform dangerous stunts on road, you not only put your own life in danger, but also that of others.

Accessing powerful bikes is more easier than ever. More and more riders are getting acquainted to powerful bikes today. Not that this is a bad thing. But, riders who do not care about safety of their own or others, and fail to respect their machine, is a dangerous combination.

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