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User guide for motorcycle insurance

The primary task once one has purchased a new or used motorcycle is getting a motorcycle insurance policy that covers all aspects necessary to safeguard both you and your prized possession. There are a few basic aspects to be kept in mind while getting insurance and in depth details that need to be provided to the insurance company so that you receive a meaningful quote. The type of bike – motorcycle or scooter, make, model, year of manufacture and engine size are of prime importance.

Even if it is a second hand bike that you are purchasing, these aspects will determine the type and cost of insurance policy you will receive. A used bike will necessitate age of the bike and distance covered to be also informed at time of taking out vehicle insurance. Where and how one will be storing the bike when not in use is also a major factor that will ensure that your premium costs decline considerably. The insurance company will also need to know for how many years you have had a valid license or whether you are a learner or new rider which will also dictate the amount of premium to be paid.

There are a number of companies offering motorcycle and scooter insurance. How does one setting for one insurance company over the other? If you possess a car or house which has been insured with a particular insurance company or if you have insured your life with any such insurance company it is best to make enquiries with that company itself for two wheeler insurance as you are most likely to get a package deal or a better offer since you are already their valued customer.

Once it is settled with a particular insurance company, then it is necessary to decide on whether one needs a comprehensive, third party fire, theft or third party insurance cover. Out of these options the fully comprehensive option will be the one with the highest premium but offers total safety from theft, fire or accident irrespective of who is to blame and one that insures bike and rider in one common deal.


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