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3 Motorcycle maintenance tasks you can do yourself

There is no feeling quite the same as riding your motorbike down the highway, leaning round the bends and feeling free. This could be the reason why last year there were nearly a million motorbike riders in Australia and the number is still growing.

Of course, motorbikes are more than just fun. They are practical and fuel efficient, making them an attractive alternative for many hard-pressed commuters.
If you’re considering purchasing or trading in your motorbike it is worth going to a reputable firm that specializes in motorbike sales; you’ll be sure to get the right deal.

You should also consider how you will deal with maintaining your motorbike. Here are 3 tasks you should be able to do yourself:

1. Change The Oil

You will need to check your manufacturer’s manual to confirm when your bike oil should be changed. However, it is a good idea to do this at least once a year as it I the lifeblood of your bike. You will need a collecting tray and a good quality wrench. You will also need to remove any fairings if you have them.

One you can access the underneath of the bike, place the tray under the sump and undo the sump plug bolt. You’ll need to wait while all the oil drains out. It is a good idea to remove the oil filter at the same time; you will find this easier with an oil filter wrench.

Once all the oil has drained, attach the new oil filter, clean the area round the sump plug and reinsert the plug bolt. You might need to replace the washer or even the bolt as this point.

Once tightened, refill the oil to the right level and run the motor for a few minutes to ensure it has reached everywhere. Recheck the level and top up if necessary.

2. Tires

This is a simple maintenance task which should be completed every time you ride. Unscrew the valve cap and put your air compressor valve on the tire to check the reading. If it is low add air. If it is constantly low you’ll need to check for a slow puncture. This is the only part of your bike in contact with the road; it is imperative you keep them properly inflated and check their surface for any irregularities.

3. Lubricate Your Chain

Most motorbikes are chain driven. This will not apply of yours is a shaft driven bike. The chain needs to be lubricated to ensure it runs smoothly. All you need to do is add a few drops of chain oil to the top of the chain and then move the bike forward a few feet. Repeat until you have chain oil all across the chain. It should sound smooth when running.

You will also be able to see if there is any lack in your chain. If there is you should consult you manual to find the right tension then adjust it with a screwdriver while someone is sat on the bike.

Riding is great fun, by performing a few simple maintenance tasks regularly it can remain that way!

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