Caught on video – Motorcyclists beat up Delhi traffic cops

delhi cops thrashed

Thrashed for doing their duty has left two Delhi Traffic cops in critical condition.

On Sunday, when Head Constable Jai Bhagwan and Constable Manoj were on a routine check and stopped two minors from riding a motorcycle little did they realize the trauma in store for them. The incident happened in Gokulpuri in East Delhi while the two motorcyclists with their family members in tow have been caught on camera chasing and assaulting the two traffic cops.

delhi cops thrashed

Screen shots from the video which is circulating online.

The two Delhi Traffic cops requested the boys to show their driving licence which caused the violent attack. The boys called up their family members and all of them converged at the site to attack, thrash and assault the policemen on duty. The entire episode was captured by a spectator on his phone while it soon went viral on social media.

The video shows one of the cops with his shirt ripped open while the other was seen running with a hoard of relatives of the two boys in hot pursuit following which he was pushed to the ground and thrashed and kicked. The other cop was seen being slapped several times.

This violent episode spelled total disregard for the law and showed the defaulters taking a violent way out despite the fact that the duo were obviously minors and breaking the law. Following this attack the police have arrested two suspects and have registered a case of assault.


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  • There might be another side to the story. These people might have been tired of the corruption in the police force. The Indian police cant be termed as Sunday School pupils.
    I still remember an episode in Delhi 45 years ago in the hotel lobby. An American woman in panic told the staff that her gold chain was missing and claimed it was snatched by 2 boys who who had bumped into her outside the hotel.
    The police brought in 2 street kids about 14 or 15 years and started to trash them with their log sticks until they admitted theft. Then another beating for them to return the chain.
    The womans husband meanwhile went and found the chain in their hotel room….

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