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Mr Bean drives his MINI once again, celebrating 25 years of the iconic show (Video)

Mr Bean Mini

The iconic sitcom of early 90s, Mr Bean is celebrating 25 years.

60 year old Rowan Atkinson was back at the wheel (or should we say on the roof) of his MINI, which he drove 25 years ago in an episode of the iconic sitcom Mr Bean.

The British actor and his lime green Mini marked 25 years of his TV debut as the much loved Mr. Bean. This event was celebrated on Friday with a spin around the Buckingham Palace in the 1976 British Leyland Mini 1000 while Atkinson surveyed his royal surroundings comfortable in the armchair and strapped to the bonnet.

Watch the Video below

Mr Bean holding tins of paint and mop, and not forgetting his beady eyed teddy, undertakes the tourĀ in memory of when he was first pictured in this position in January 1994. The scene goes back some 20+ years, when Mr. Bean tries to squeeze everything he has shopped into his car, only to find that he has no room to sit. Then his innovative mind finds a way out of the situation as he straps himself into a chair on the roof while he drives the car remotely, setting off on a daredevil driving expedition.

mr bean

Unlike last time, this time round however, the car was loaded with a number of presents causing Bean to sit atop the car.

25 years after the first show was aired, Mr Bean was back entertaining people in the same way. At the small gathering, he made his customary contorted faces and also waved to fans. There was a special cake as well, to mark the occasion.

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