MRF Tyres launches Masseter range for enthusiastic bikers

Aimed at passionate bikers, Masseter by MRF was launched today at the Coimbatore race track. Seasoned riders were welcomed to test the new tyre and experience MRF’s cutting edge technology firsthand.

Mr Koshy Varghese, Executive Vice President Marketing at MRF Ltd says the programme was planned to let users experience what the Masseter tyre is capable of. When it comes to cornering, a rider knows an average quality doesn’t quite cut the chase. The Coimbatore race track tyre test event was in every way designed to simulate an environment where a rider tests Masseter by MRF and is assured of his safety while at it.

We tested the tyres at a racing track recently. Soon we will be posting our review of the new MRF Tyres.

Masseter tyres can be fitted onto two-wheelers with a capacity of 150 CC and above. The cornering specialist will appeal to riders who like to get on long winding roads. Rounded edges, a soft compound and specially designed contours lets riders navigate steep curves with ease.

Following a tyre testing session, the MRF Product team addressed participants and briefed them about Masseter tyre features and benefits. A product of extensive research, technology and design innovation, here’s one that’s truly made for the road. Participants also partook on the ‘Ride Along with MRF’ platform to give words to their experience.

The bikes on which the Masseter range is offered.

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