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Mukesh Ambani buys BMW X5 for cops who are protecting him

Chairman of Reliance Industries Limited (RIL), a conglomerate with revenues of over $73.1 billion in 2014; Mukesh Ambani is not one of the richest person in the world. His 27 storey residence – Antilia in Mumbai is the most expensive residence in the world.

Being such a high profile individual, he also gets Z+ security cover. As per wikipedia, this means that at any given time, there are 36 personnel [Including 10+ NSG Commando] + [Police Personnel] around him, for his protection.

This makes travelling a task. In order to make it easier, Mukesh Ambani has cars like the BMW 760 Li Security and the Mercedes Benz S Guard, each costing about INR 15 crore, including taxes and modifications. But what about those police officials who are part of the security convoy? Well, for them he has now purchased a fleet of BMW X5 SUVs.

If you are wondering who has purchased these expensive cars for cops, Ambani or the State Government? Well it is Ambani who has paid for these cars. After running a search on the internet, below are the said results about the car.

Vehicle:X 5 XDRIVE 30D(DIESEL)
RC/FC Expiry:20-Aug-29
MV Tax upto:(LifeTime)

This fortified Mercedes Benz 2015 S600 Guard with vehicle resistance level 9, is the highest available in the country. Actor Aamir Khan has the 2014 model.

Speaking about the S Guard, it is customized at the Mercedes Benz Sindelingen plant in Germany. The 2015 S600 V-9 armored vehicle gets the highest available security level currently. And it did not come easy, in spite of the person buying was Mukesh Ambani. RIL had to wait for eight months as their number in the global wait list queue was No.57. This means that they had booked the car even before it was officially launched or had entered production. This also implies that the demand for armoured cars is on the rise.

Back in 2013, at the 2013 Jodhpur One World Retreat, Mukesh and Nita Ambani with Princess Shivranjani Rajye.

Called as the safest luxury car on earth by Mercedes Benz, some of the high-security features includes bullet proof glass, grenade proof body and glass, tyres that can run with no air pressure, and much more.

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