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Mumbai cops caught on LIVE video assaulting biker inside Police Station

Whatever the situation be, often we wonder if cops are the right force to approach. This becomes more evident when we come across videos that clearly show recordings of ample bullying and misbehaviour by city cops. For some reason, there’s plenty of policemen in India that have a crass and highhanded approach to trivial matters that can be resolved with a pat on the back instead of going for direct physical assault.

Most its two wheeler riders that face the brunt of it. It’s hugely possible that cops already view bikers as nuisance and mete out the same inhuman treatment to everyone. In a video filmed last week by Siddhesh Sawant, you can see the overall apathy, and how the cops will stand by each other when there’s no need to gang up.

Siddhesh was present at the cop station with his dad, and had the presence of mind to opt for a Facebook Live video. If you’re going to care two hoots about the law, then it’s only right that you’re questioned about it. Hopefully, Mumbai cops are paying attention and learn to stop cornering people because their ego got too big for them.

There’s a way to go about in any followed system. File a charge sheet, follow up. Get the court involved. Under which section does it say you can start whacking people, and using bully tactics. As per Siddhesh, he was taken to the Police Station because he refused to pay fine of INR 210. The problem started when a traffic cop caught Siddhesh on a bike without license, which he claims he produced within four minutes as his house was nearby.

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In spite of producing license, the traffic cop asked Siddhesh to pay fine of INR 210, which Siddhesh refused. As is the case, the traffic cop had already taken Siddhesh’s bike keys, which he refused to return until the fine was paid. After much argument, Siddhesh was taken to a nearby Police Station, for reasons only known to the cops at Meghwadi Police Station. When things started getting out of hands, the cops told Siddhesh that his bike key was lost. Watch the full video below –


It’s not like they’re being threatened, physically assaulted or abused to begin with. Of course things tend to get out of hand in most such instances because noone in their right mind is okay with being shoved around, slapped, bullied, and abused. Too often, bikers are ill treated and nothing is ever done about it.

No doubt, there’s tonnes of bikers breaking rules and signals, riding with two pillions, speeding, not wearing a helmet and riding when underage, but these issues need be highlighted instead of beginning an ego war. people need to be alerted to dangers of riding and taught to respect laws. The process won’t be easy, but whacking people isn’t going to solve the problem either.

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