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Mumbai cops to Maruti Swift driver – U can run, U can hide but not escape the law!

Conflict at toll booths is commonplace, and this one driver has taken it to another level. There’s a video that’s captured a Maruti Suzuki Swift driver driving away from the Vashi toll plaza alongwith a yellow police barricade. From it’s positioning, clearly the driver decided to drive on despite the physical block.

Unfortunately, the video doesn’t reveal what happens eventually but it’s easy to see the driver can’t attain speed having to push the barricade forward, which should serve security personnel in good stead. Such random acts do pose a safety hazard not just to the driver but to other vehicles on the road as well.

In two weeks flat, Mumbai Police tweeted, “This incident of a desperate attempt to evade toll on 21st April was brought to our notice on 28th. After a thorough investigation the miscreant has been traced, booked & handed over to @Navimumpolice . Remember, U can run, U can hide but not escape the law! Just a matter of time”

This happened at vashi toll plaza ??

Posted by Zishan Deshmukh on Thursday, 26 April 2018

In a similar incident, on New Year’s eve, in order to keep a check on miscreants, cops in many cities had put up barricades at important points in the city. This was done in Chennai as well. But here, some bikers thought of doing something which they will now be regretting all their life.

At one such point, where the police were blocking bikers for using dividers and rash riding, something unusual happened. A few of these bikers escaped along with the police barricade by dragging it with their bikes. They made a video of it which went viral on social media.

Later, one of the bikers even made a selfie video bragging about how they escaped the helpless cops and took the barricade with them. This irked the cops. Not only the bikers had broken rules, they were now bragging about it on social media.

Chennai Police took this incident so seriously that they formed 4 separate special teams to root them out and even set up a helpline so people can tip them off. Thanks to alert citizens, the cops soon got leads. The main culprit, who is pulling the barricade, and who also made the video, is known as Peter. He got arrested last night.

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Posted by News18 Tamil Nadu on Saturday, 6 January 2018

Police also arrested two other bikers from the same riding group. Thanks to the videos posted by the biker, the police were able to register a case, and catch them. The incidents happened on Kamarajar Salai and Gandhi Mandapam road near Kotturpuram.

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