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Mumbai duo sell their Endeavour SUV to help Covid-19 patients

In an attempt to help the needy in this hour of difficult, duo from Mumbai have acted as a beacon of hope

In a novel gesture of kindness, care and empathy, a Mumbai based Ford Endeavour owner Shahnawaz Shaikh reportedly sold his SUV to buy oxygen tanks for Covid-19 patients. While there are numerous stories of people going out of their way to lend a helping hand in the fight against coronavirus, the initiative by the Ford Endeavour owner is unlike any other and it helps to directly save lives.

Shahnawaz decided to help Covid-19 patients, after he experienced a personal loss in his life. His business partner’s sister was six months pregnant and she had died due to Covid-19 complications. His sister had been to multiple hospitals, but none of them admitted her. Some hospitals didn’t have vacant beds whereas others lacked ventilators. She eventually died when she was outside another hospital trying to seek treatment.

This painful loss made Shahnawaz realize the serious problems being faced by Covid-19 patients. He also came to know that his sister could have recovered if she was provided oxygen on time. This is when he decided to help other people suffering from Covid-19. Rather than donating funds to an NGO or government, Shahnawaz decided to help Covid-19 patients directly.

As many other patients were unable to get timely oxygen supply, Shahnawaz decided to provide the same to the needy. To arrange funds for the oxygen cylinders and refills, he sold his Ford Endeavour that was purchased in 2011. The SUV must have sold for a good price, as it had a premium 007 registration number. The exact amount has not been disclosed.

Till date, Shahnawaz has helped more than 250 families with Covid-19 patients. He provides the oxygen tanks for free for a period of 48 hours. To borrow an oxygen cylinder, people just need to show a valid doctor recommendation. They also need to pick up the cylinder from Shahnawaz’s place. It’s only in emergency situations or exceptional cases that the cylinder is delivered to the patient’s house.

Shahnawaz currently has 30 jumbo cylinders and 40 small cylinders. Although the oxygen supply is primarily for Covid-19 patients, other people such as asthma patients can also utilize the free service. A separate stock is maintained exclusively for Covid-19 patients. Shahnawaz has shared his number in his social circle so that anyone who is in need can contact him to get the oxygen supply for free.

According to Shahnawaz, his free oxygen supply service is not a replacement for hospitalization. However, it does help people with respiratory issues. He also said that selling his Ford Endeavour SUV was not difficult, as it’s the blessings that matter.

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