Mumbai girl miraculously survives after being run over by a train – Video

It was indeed a heart stopping moment when Pratiksha Natekar, 19, of Bhandup ran right into an approaching goods train at Mumbai’s Kurla station. The entire episode was caught on CCTV camera and has gone viral on the internet. The incident occurred on the 13th of May but has just been revealed to the public.

Sporting earphones and apparently talking on her mobile phone, Pratiksha was unaware of the goods train approaching along the same track. The girl is seen running towards the platform but suddenly decided to turn the other way and is instantly struck hard by the front end of the an electric engine that was hauling a goods train.

The train then proceeds to run over her while onlookers stare aghast, unable to come to the aid of the girl under the train. It was only when she was taken out unscathed that there was a sense of relief all round. Though Pratiksha received minor injuries, she was saved from certain death as she fell in between the wheels of the train.She was taken to the Rajawadi Hospital where she was discharged after treatment.

Pratiksha appeared on NDTV appealing to viewers never to use plug in earphones while using railways and to make use of the foot overbridge to cross tracks. She said she was on her way to work when she decided to cross the tracks. She suddenly saw the train approaching and panicked and does not remember what happened after that only to find herself in hospital sometime later.