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MV Agusta 550cc Adventure Motorcycle Concept At EICMA 2021

MV Agusta 550cc Adventure Motorcycle Concept
MV Agusta 550cc Adventure Motorcycle Concept

The Lucky Explorer 5.5 Concept previews the upcoming 550cc adventure tourer from MV Agusta which is based on QJ 500GS

Whenever the brand MV Agusta pops up in mind, one is bound to think of high-speed sports bikes. Even though the Italian brand has a motorcycle like Turismo Veloce, which is a deviation from its usual track-spec machines, the bikemaker has mastered the art of racing with such finesse that riders tend to associate it only with the latter.

However, MV Agusta has been making attempts to break its image and step out of its comfort zone in recent times. Hence, at the ongoing 2021 EICMA in Milan, Italy, the company has unveiled its upcoming adventure tourer. Named Lucky Explorer 5.5, this pre-production concept has been designed to take on rough roads as well as munch long miles.

Lucky Explorer 5.5 – Styling Highlights

The motorcycle has been jointly developed in association with its Chinese partner Qianjiang Motors. In fact, the concept is based on QJ 500GS since a large number of parts in Lucky Explorer 5.5 have been derived from the Chinese ADV. Even the design of both bikes are largely similar to each other.

The front end of the bike gets an almost flat nose featuring twin-beam round LED headlights and integrated circular LED DRL rings giving it an angry-looking face. The heavily-faired front body panels get a prominent blacked-out air intake for improved aerodynamics. Other highlights include a front windscreen, a large engine bash plate and split-style seats.

MV Agusta 550cc Adventure Motorcycle Concept
MV Agusta 550cc Adventure Motorcycle Concept

The split seating setup should offer ample comfort since the stepped-up pillion seat also acts as lumbar support to the rider. The raised tail section gets split grab rails and a mounting rack for luggage. The side-on canister is attached to an exhaust pipe which appears to be mounted on the rear swingarm. The tall and wide handlebar along with centre-set footpegs should offer comfortable riding ergonomics.

Underpinnings & Mechanical Specs

The overall rugged appearance is well-rounded by some snazzy graphics on the white panels. To further accentuate its ADV character, the motorcycle rides on wire-spoke wheels that are shod with chunky dual-purpose tyres. The Lucky Explorer 5.5 appears to be underpinned by the same steel frame used by both QJMotor and Benelli for their respective 500cc offerings.

That said, MV Agusta has used its own 550cc parallel-twin motor that has a 70.5mm bore and 71mm stroke. This powerplant has been designed from scratch and is said to offer a wide torque curve available all through the rev range. Other mechanical components such as the 41mm front forks and disc brake calipers sourced from Brembo seem to be high spec.

It should be reminded to our readers that this isn’t the final production-spec bike and its official specs are yet to be revealed. With this middleweight adventure tourer, MV Agusta is targeting Asian markets and a few European markets with a product that could be the brand’s most affordable offering to date. MV Agusta also revealed 950cc adventure concept, which can be seen below.

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