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Nano after Nano, one more Nano catches fire in Anand, Gujarat

Once again the cheapest car in the world Tata Nano is in news, and once again the reason for Nano being in news is the same, Nano’s engine caught fire due to unknown reason. This time the incident has taken place in Anand, Gujarat. Anand is not very far from Sanand, the place where Tata Motors is manufacturing Nano small car currently.

According to Anand Fire Brigade Officials, the car was registered in the name of Hafsa Mohd Iqbal Kathadi, an employee of an insurance company in Anand. But at the time of this unfortunate incident, the Nano in question here was being driven by Hafsa Mohd Iqbal Kathadi’s husband.

Along with Mr Kathadi, there were other people too who were traveling in the small car. According to Mr Kathadi, when they (he and four of his friends in Nano) reached Krishna Road, Anand, they realized that the car was emitting smoke from where it was not supposed to.

As a result of which, Mr Kathadi parked the car on the side of the road and along with his friends evacuated the steaming Nano. Within minutes a fire broke out from the rear (where the engine is located) and burnt the entire car. This is probably the 8th Nano to have caught fire under mysterious circumstances.

Tata Motors had earlier stated that there was no defect with their dream car, Nano. In fact they even offered new wiring systems to existing customers to clear any further doubts. It is yet not ascertained whether Mrs Kathadi got the wiring systems of her Nano replaced to new one’s.

If Mrs Kathadi had got the wiring systems replaced, then this will be a big blow for Tata Motors. We hope Tata Motors resolve the Nano catching fire issue as soon as possible.


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