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NanoFlowcell QUANT F unveiled at 2015 Geneva Motor Show

A further development of QUANT E, its predecessor from 2014, the QUANT F is completely re-designed and re-engineered. It sports a new 2 speed automatic transmission nanoFlowcell drive system. This 2 speed transmission has been developed in-house exclusively for the QUANT F.

Top speed is at 300 kmph in all electric mode while harmful emissions are nil. Peak performance figures stand at 1090 PS while maximum voltage is at 735V as against the 600 V seen on the QUANT E. The 5.25 meter long e sports sedan weighs a total of 2.3 tonnes and is capable of carrying upto four adults. Acceleration from 0 to 100kmph is achieved in 2.8 seconds, which is as fast as a McLaren P1.

Another innovation seen on board the NanoFlowcell QUANT F is its permanent 4×4 all wheel drive put into force by four electric motors. You also have the option to convert it into rear wheel drive when needed. This is possible with the front axle being declutched and made to run in idling mode. A 2-stage aerofoil is another innovative features on board the NanoFlowcell QUANT F which is instantly activated when the car reaches speeds of 80 kmph. Negative lift force is applied to rear wheels thus allowing the driver to apply grip to the road for sportier driving. Above all, it has a range of 800 kms.

So where is this car, why is it not on the roads? The car is not certified to enter production!

Sporting QUANTEyes headlamps, exteriors are 100 percent in compliance with requirements for series production homologation while interiors are 90 percent in compliance. These standards are mandatory where display, airbags, crash tests and other formal tests and documentation are concerned. Once complied, crash tests on the NanoFlowcell QUANT F are to be carried out in both US and Germany. After successful tests, launch will take place.

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