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Can you guess how many Tata Nano’s are at the Sanand plant?

Tata Motors Sanand plant is huge. You wont take long to realize that, especially when you are trying to circle the plant. Built in a record short time of just 14 months, thanks to West Bengal, Tata Sanand plant is spread over an area of 725 acres. It has a capacity to manufacture 250,000 cars annually, which can be increased to 500,000 units, if needed. The plant generates 20,000 jobs, directly or indirectly.

Apart from the five essential units (Stamping, Body Shop, Paint Shop, Engine and TCF – Trim Chassis Finish) required in a car manufacturing plant, Tata Motors Sanand plant also houses a Vendor Park. This is a separate area, allocated to the vendors of Tata Motors to build accessories inside the plant itself.

In the videos here, you will see thousands of colorful Nano’s parked next to each other. The number of Nano’s parked in the image above is nothing compared to the number of Nano’s you will see in the video below. The situation is such that, wherever you see, you will find a Nano parked. We are not sure whether the Nano’s parked here are due for delivery or are just stock pileup. Tata says that the Nano’s lying at Sanand plant is not inventory, or stock that has piled due to low sales. But the numbers speak against them, considering only 1,504 Nano’s were sold in Jan 2013.

During our circling adventure around the Tata plant, we tried really hard to find the new Nano variants, CNG, 800cc petrol and diesel, but we couldn’t find any. We guess they are hiding inside the plant. We also tried to spot the Nano Convertible which is reportedly used to ferry visitors inside the Sanand plant, and we couldn’t find that as well. Instead, recently we spotted a Nano Convertible at a beach, used to giving joyrides around the beach for just Rs 150/.



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