Meet Naresh Tambade, High Court Advocate who rode 1,638 kms in 24 hrs on a scooter

High Court Advocate by profession, 26-year-old Naresh Tambade has actively participated in various biking events across India. He is well-known in the biking fraternity and has also been a part of various road safety campaigns & various rides supporting social causes.

Now, Naresh has become the first ever person in India to ride over 1,638 km in under 24 hours on a scooter. The scooter he used for the ride, was a Vespa SXL-150. Rushlane had a chance to interact with the avid biker and below is an excerpt from our interaction.

Naresh Tambade Vespa rider

Please tell us about yourself

I am an Advocate by profession. I am into proper riding since 2008. Current machine I own is a Royal Enfield Bullet 500. My dream machines are Confederate G2P51 Combat Fighter for cruising & BMW R1200GS for adventure touring.

When did you first realize about your passion for riding?

Automobiles fascinate me since childhood. The moment I got my driving license, I started with short trips which slowly started converting into long tours. This boosted my morale & I gradually started doing overnight rides. This gave me enough confidence for long distance touring.

Solo or group?

I mostly ride solo. I have done various expeditions across India which had exploring the South India following up the coastal line in Konkan, rode to the deserts of Rajasthan followed up by Northern parts of India & to the vast terrain of the Himalayas.

Naresh Tambade with his support, a few hours before he set out on the record ride.
Naresh Tambade with his support, a few hours before he set out on the record ride.

How did you enter the world of competitive endurance riding?

After couple of years of long distance touring, in Jan 2015 I thought of doing something which asked for maximum endurance in riding, something that would test the ultimate mental & physical strength on a bike & so I took up the Iron Butt Association’s “Saddle Sore” challenge.

It’s a bikers association based in the US. The task was to complete 1,610 km in 24 hours. I was pretty much confident & prepared for the task. This along with the fact that I love spending maximum time on the saddle, I nailed the task successfully. I rode 1,625 km in less than 24 hours.

Later in April 2015, I thought of pushing my limits a bit & taking my passion for long distance endurance riding to the next level, so I took up “Long Distance Riders Association’s’ “King of the road” challenge. It’s another US based bikers association which recognizes & certifies such rides. This was big & difficult task was to complete a grueling 2,420 km in 36 hours but I was determined & on 18th April 2015 I successfully did 2,495 km in less than 36 hours.

Naresh was joined by members of Throttlers Motorcycle Club Aurangabad at the start of his ride.
Naresh was joined by members of Throttlers Motorcycle Club Aurangabad at the start of his ride.

What prompted you to shift to a scooter?

After doing both the records I felt that such records are very much possible on big bikes & people usually confuse such rides with racing, overspeeding & rash riding. That’s not at all the case. It’s all about sheer endurance & maximum saddling capacity. Speaking about riding a scooter, none had done such a record before on a scooter (non-gear) for all these reasons. Thus, I thought of doing it on a scooter & recently on 3rd April 2016 I successfully did 1,638 km in less than 24 hours on a Vespa.

Riding at night can be a challenge if one is not experienced enough.
Riding at night can be a challenge if one is not experienced enough.


My experience with such time-bound rides is that it requires mental preparation, good experience of long distance touring with overnight riding. The crux to accomplish such rides is time management. Quick short breaks during the ride helps to regain energy. I countered sleep by taking maximum rest before the ride, cruising at a speed of 90-100kms/hr will do the job.

Celebrations commence after Naresh achieved the feat.
Celebrations commence after Naresh achieved the feat.

Any tips for our readers and budding endurance riders across the world?

It’s an endurance run & not a race. State of mind matters a lot. One shouldn’t exert himself / herself too much, that might lead to extreme fatigue. Riding bike continuously for high speed might lead to a breakdown. Technical knowledge of the bike helps a lot many a times minor problems happen which can be resolved quickly if one has sound knowledge of the bike.

Lastly, I would say one should understand his / her own riding style, capacity & should choose rides accordingly. Each & every rider is unique.

Safety should be given utmost importance.

Irrelevant of what one rides, passion is what makes one do the impossible.

“Its the rider that makes the difference & not a machine”.

Ride Hard Ride Safe.

Naresh Tambade Vespa rider
Naresh Tambade Vespa rider

Naresh would also like to thank his support team – Alfa Motors, Aurangabad; Cherry corp, Aurangabad; Throttlers Motorcycle Club Aurangabad; Shiva Motors Parali Vaijanath; Team BOAR’s, Motoplex Pune; GP Auto Store, Aurangabad.