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National Engineering Industries innovative R&D capabilities for conserving natural resources

NBC (National Engineering Industries) has developed a low torque bearing technology after taking into consideration factors like seal, grease and internal bearing technology. Research has been carried out to help optimize fuel efficiency by making use of low torque grease, sealant and understanding the internal bearing geometry.

Bearings designed by this brand have been used not only in passenger vehicles but also commercial vehicles. They have also been used extensively for transmission and wheel bearing applications in the two wheeler segment. Using these bearings one will be able to lower wastage of fuel due to slippage and friction while using their vehicles.

An engine is made up of many parts and though these parts have been crafted with care and precision, there is still friction which causes loss of fuel. National Engineering Industries is also known as NBC and is well known for its work in preparing fuel efficient bearings for vehicles. World class quality, flexibility and customization options have allowed this brand to provide superior bearing which help reduce cycle time and thereby increase productivity.



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