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Need for Speed turns to real stunts in tribute to classic car action films

“My philosophy has always been you can’t break physics,” said Waugh. “If you do, it hurts the story, because then the physics don’t apply to the characters either.” said Waugh. “Doing practical stunts with cars takes more up-front preparation to set up the shots and ensure safety, but the end result is worth it. Computer generated imagery enables today’s filmmakers to produce virtually any sequence their imaginations can conjure. While that’s a great approach to creating science fiction, fantasy or superhero sequences that don’t exist in the physical world, it doesn’t deliver the authenticity Waugh is after with “Need for Speed.”

More than 40 different digital cameras were used. “It’s really complicated to shoot in a car,” said Waugh. “You’re so confined. So we made sure all the camera angles would convince the audience the actors were really driving.”

Of the 7 wide-body Ford Mustangs used when filming, 3 survived. 2 of those cars are on a film promotion tour and the other is headed to an auction for charity April 12.

Saleen Automotive, Inc is proud of its Saleen S7 Supercar featured in the film. The company also provided a high-speed camera car for photographers to use in filming and played an integral part in developing and building all Supercars used.

“Watching the film’s premiere last week, I was elated to see our Saleen S7 Supercar used in what is assuredly one of the most enthralling race scenes I have ever seen,” stated Steve Saleen, CEO, Saleen Automotive. “Seeing our car racing alongside some of the other luminaries of the Supercar world is incredible and I took specific pleasure in hearing Michael Keaton describe the Saleen’s journey along the cinematic raceway.”

“I strongly encourage our fans and enthusiasts to watch the film and to see our S7 in all its glory,” added Saleen.

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