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15 yr-old driving Mahindra Scorpio involved in a high-speed crash

15-year-old child in Assam, decided to go out with his friends in his father’s Mahindra Scorpio. All four children were not adults, and were in the age group of 14-16 years. The four kids were driving the car rashly and at high-speed when the accident took place on the under-construction NH15. The impact was such that all four kids died on the spot.

While driving the Scorpio at high speed, the kid made a sudden manoeuvre to avoid obstruction on road. This resulted in the Scorpio losing control and rolling off the road. Though the car was equipped with safety features like airbags, they were rendered useless as none of them were wearing a setbelt.

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India ranks first in the list of countries where road fatalities constitute highest number of deaths. One of the reason is the fact that traffic infrastructure in India is unfavourable and out of date in many cases.

Missing road signs, under-age drivers, negligent driving are factors that are responsible for these incidents. Apart from these factors, most drivers injured or dead in such road accidents tend to be in the age group of 14-29 years old.

In order to improve traffic situations in India, the authorities need to work towards providing a stable road infrastructure which includes installation of traffic lights, roadway signs, implementation of traffic rules and safety features. At the same time, parents need to keep a check on their kids. Do not let your kid drive a vehicle if he or she does not have a driving license.

Recently the Pune-Mumbai Expressway was in the news due to high rate of accidents that take place on this stretch of highway. Plans are underway to implement safety features to help guide drivers safely along their route and thereby improve transportation on this route.

Similarly the Yamuna Expressway that connects Mathura and Agra to Noida is a potential death trap as speed gun cameras installed are non-functional providing no means of regulating speed on this highway path. Authorities should take into consideration drunken driving, overloaded trucks and negligent driving practices on these highways to help lower rate of accidents and save lives.

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