Is this the most effective traffic signal system in the world?

‘s-Hertogenbosch (“The Duke’s Forest” in English, is the capital of North Brabant province in Southern Netherlands) with a population of 150,000, introduces an Intuitive Traffic Light system which changes as per the needs of vehicles and pedestrians on the road.

The Netherlands Intuitive Traffic Lights function on the basis of sensors in the ground that can instantly identify the number of users at that particular junction. The sensors, embedded in the ground, allow traffic lights to be changed according to number of users ensuring efficient time and traffic management.

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For instance, if there is just one cyclist approaching traffic lights, the sensors will change lights from red to green if traffic permits. The green lights will continue for 4 seconds unless other approaching cyclists are noticed, in which case it will stay on for a further few seconds.

Intuitive Traffic Lights work in the same way when cars are on the road. Once number of approaching cars are detected, the lights change to green while the timer on the lights last just long enough for the last vehicle to be safely through the cross road before the turn to amber.

Eric Greweldinger, traffic regulation installation expert of ‘s-Hertogenbosch explains further. The sensors not only detect the approaching vehicle but also determine speed thereby giving the vehicle 3.2 seconds instead of 4 seconds while the additional 8 seconds could be allotted to other users resulting in changing a congested junction into a clear one.

Full report – bicycledutch

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