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New Ather 450X limited edition electric scooter – Launch across India

Ather 450X electric scooter
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Ather Energy in trying to reach out to a market that’s only just beginning to understand electric mobility has now devised a new business model. Having already set up shop in Bangalore and Madras, Ather Energy is now inviting dealers to set up experience centres in other cities.

In addition to that, the company has just announced an all new limited edition scooter, called Ather 450X. Unlike the Ather 450 which is only on sale in Bangalore and Chennai, the 450X is on sale across India. But there is a catch. Order is via invite only. Or you can register your interest online at their website – https://www.atherenergy.com/

Ather is calling their new 450X a ‘super scooter’. In essence, it’s better than the Ather 450 when it comes to performance, and tech. Would be interesting to see what the approach is. Pre-orders for the limited edition Ather 450X will begin shortly. Below is the official teaser video.

Speaking about their new scooter, Ather says, “A leap beyond a regular scooter. A step above the Ather 450. Up on performance. Up on intelligence. Up on awe. The Ather 450X is everything you wanted your scooter to be. Except the center stand. Final product specifications and the price will be announced post the formal unveiling of Ather 450X in a few weeks.”

The electric vehicle movement though anticipated isn’t currently revolutionary to the core when it comes to market acceptance. It’s more a myth people have heard of and know little else about. And going from one city to another will take forever for Ather. Moreover it’s a gargantuan ask.

So, Ather Energy is keen on setting up more experience centres across cities. This would help the fledgeling company improve its footprint and scale up ops. Plans are on to take its experience centre setup known as Ather Space to cities like Hyderabad, Mumbai, New Delhi, and Pune, among others. To speed-up the process, the company is inviting dealers to set them up. Ather Energy will design the retail space and experience. These will help potential buyers test ride Ather scooters and understand more about the brand and its working.

The company is expanding its Ather Grid public charging network in metro cities in the months to come. Fast charging points will be made available in required cities prior to delivery of scooters. The company says since the EV business isn’t traditional in nature, the traditional business model isn’t for it. The company is in the lookout for dealers to boost expansion in quicktime.

On the sales front, Ather Energy not only sells its vehicles outright but the company also offers the option of lease. This is in line with opening up new avenues of sale in a market that’s evolving.

The entry electric scooter market has seen many a competitor in recent days. While some are able to take advantage of government subsidies that are meant to boost the market, others are relying heavily on imports to stay viable, namely Chinese imports. In keeping up with its longterm plans of operating in 30 cities over the next few years, Ather has signed a MoU with the Tamil Nadu government for setting up a new EV manufacturing facility. Ather plans to increase production to 5 lakh units per year.

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