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New Ather 450X Vs Chetak, iQube, S1 Pro – Electric Scooter Specs, Prices

With the Ather electric scooter now updated with new battery, here is a detailed comparison with rivals

2022 TVS iQube Electric Scooter
2022 TVS iQube Electric Scooter

Ather Energy has recently launched 450X Gen 3 with crucial updates under the skin. If we look at electric scooter sales in H1 2022, we can see that Okinawa is still at No.1 position followed by Hero Electric and Ola Electric. Ather Energy is in 5th place.

The company wants to climb up the ladder and in that light, it has launched the improved 450X Gen 3. But how does it fare against current competition? Also, the upcoming Simple One electric scooter looks like an absolute winner on paper.

Ather 450X Vs Rivals

Ather doesn’t have the highest peak power of this comparo at 5,400W. That credit still goes to Ola S1 Pro and upcoming Simple One with 8,500W. Followed by TVS iQube rated at 4,400W and Chetak at 4,080W. In terms of rated power, Ather is middle of the road at 3,300W as S1 Pro has 5,500W and Simple One has 4,500W. When it comes to peak torque, though, Simple One decimates everyone on this list with 72 Nm.

450X Gen3 only offers a 146km claimed range while the S1 Pro offers 181km. But we have seen S1 Pro go over 200 km with Move OS 2 for which Ola CEO gifted free S1 Pro. Simple One is chuckling over there with its 300+ km promise with Extra Range variant and 236km with STD variant.

New Ather 450X Vs Chetak, iQube, S1 Pro
New Ather 450X Vs Chetak, iQube, S1 Pro

It is made possible because Simple One has the largest battery of the bunch too. It has a 3.3 kWh battery fixed on the floorboard and an additional removable 1.6 kWh battery for a combined 4.8 kWh. Next largest battery is offered by TVS iQube with a 4.56 kWh with a promised range of 140km and then comes S1 Pro with 3.9 kWh.

S1 Pro promises the highest top speed of 115 kph and next in line is Simple One with 105 kph. S1 Pro also offers the largest 36L boot space too while Simple one is second largest at 30L. All scooters offer a disc brake at the rear except for Chetak and iQube which get drum brakes.

Dimensions & Pricing

When it comes to the kerb weight, Bajaj Chetak is the chunkiest at 132 kg and iQube ST falls below it at 128 kg and then comes S1 pro at 125 kg. Simple One and Ather 450X Gen3 are neck and neck in terms of lightness at 110 kg and 111.6 kg respectively. TVS iQube is also the only one in this comparo to get a hub motor.

New Ather 450X Vs Chetak, iQube, S1 Pro
New Ather 450X Vs Chetak, iQube, S1 Pro

In terms of features, Ola S1 Pro is unrivaled as it gets a slew of features over the others. TVS also revamped its features for Gen 2 iQube and is now a lot more modern than the first one. Ather 450X also gets a lot of features and also accessories like TPMS but it still is a cut below Ola. Coming to the new kid on the block, Simple One promises a lot of features like Ola S1 Pro. But it still has to prove itself. The only scooter that feels like a decade old in this cutting-edge comparison is Bajaj Chetak. It lacks finesse, convenience and gimmicks others are offering.

Pricing for EVs vary from city to city due to availability issues and whatnot. Also considering state subsidies which vary across states. So, for final pricing, head to the nearest showroom or company’s official website. 

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