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New Ather Electric Scooter Launch Likely On 7th Jan 2023

Ather currently has 450 Plus and 450 X electric scooters in its portfolio – They have plans to launch a few more in 2023

New Ather Electric Scooter Launch 2023 Jan 7
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Ather has been consistently driving sales by providing a unique experience to customers via their experience centers. Sales are complemented by consistent quality in service as well. Last month, Ather sales crossed 7,500 units, registering a 252.47% YoY growth and 7.82% MoM growth.

Ather electric scooters come with a premium pricing. Despite that, they have managed to post solid sales growth over the years, especially in 2022. This year Ather electric scooter sales are likely to cross the 55k mark, registering a growth of over 230% YoY. In comparison, their rival Ola has sold close to 1.5 lakh scooters in 2022.

New Ather Electric Scooter 2023

To boost sales, Ather needs to launch an electric scooter which is priced in the Rs 80k to 1 lakh range. And it looks like we might get a new affordable Ather soon. The company is holding its community day on January 7th of 2023 and is expected to launch a new product.

Earlier this year, a new electric scooter by Ather was spotted under testing and looks like it has the same flesh and bones as its premium sibling 450X Gen 3. Is this the new product that Ather will launch?

Ather Electric Scooter Sales 2022
Ather Electric Scooter Sales 2022. Dec nos estimated.

Since Government’s subsidies will end in the future, Ather will likely launch a new scooter at a lower price point than its current products. Designing and developing a new chassis will incur heavy costs. Hence, this new scooter currently under testing, is likely to get the same aluminium space-frame chassis as 450X or use steel instead.

But what about the features like a touchscreen, smartphone integration and the likes? Ather is likely to retain most of the features that are offered with the 3rd generation of 450X. Just like Ola S1 Air offers most of the features that are offered with the pricier S1 and S1 Pro. Without these features, Ather might find it tough to market at around a price tag of Rs. 80,000 – 90,000.

What To Expect?

It is not yet sure if Ather will launch the recently spied budget model or the maxi-styled electric scooter that was patented in May 2021. There might not be any new launches at all. Instead, Ather might just introduce new colour schemes or limited editions of Gen 3 450X as well.

Ather new electric scooter patent
Ather new electric scooter patent

If there is a new budget offering in the cards as spotted recently, it will have around 2.5 to 3 kWh worth of juice. This is comparable to what Ola offers with S1 Air at 2.5 kWh and S1 at 3 kWh. In contrast, 450X Gen 3 offers 3.7 kWh of battery.

Ather’s upcoming budget scooter might be equipped to cover around 100km on a single charge while 450X Gen 3 is rated for a 146 km range. Official updates from Ather regarding these developments are not yet out. When launched, this new model is likely to rival Ola S1 Air which is priced at Rs. 80K (introductory).

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