New Audi A8 will feature fully active suspension – Videos

The redesigned Audi A8 will be revealed at Audi Summit in Barcelona on July 11. Public debut will happen at 2017 Frankfurt Auto Show in September.

The new Audi A8, will appear in “Spider-Man: Homecoming” along with a host of other Audi models. It is set to enter showrooms sometime next year as a 2019 model and will boast of several new and improved features.

New generation Audi A8 comes in with multi material construction, a self driving system offering both hands off and eyes off operation and a standard mild hybrid system.

Active suspension – system overview

It will get a new active suspension system which is powered by a 48 volt electric system enabling it to exert over 800 lb/ft suspension at each wheel. State of the art sensors in the camera scans the road 18 times each second and relays this information to the suspension system which in turn generates forces to counter body lean, vibrations or jolts. This suspension system is controlled by a computer called Electronic Chassis Platform. Watch it work in the video below.

In addition to this suspension system, Audi A8 is also set to be the first autonomous production car. It gets weight saving and advanced technology and built with full ‘Level 3’ autonomous driving allowing the car to take over controls with driver’s hands and eyes off the road.

Long range sensors, 12 ultrasonic sensors, laser scanners and hi resolution cameras will continuously monitor surroundings and take the A8 safety through traffic jams at speeds upto 60 kmph.