New Avan Motors electric scooter range showcased at EV Expo in Delhi

Avan Motors has showcased its concept electric scooter range at Electric Vehicle Expo 2018 hosted at Pragati Maidan, Delhi.

Avan Motors product portfolio ranges easy to ride electric scooters that commit to an aerodynamic design, large battery, and higher speed. A major drawback of electric scooters has been how simply they look despite their value as short distance commuter vehicles.

Avan Motors presents its concept e-scooter range as stylish and futuristic. Keeping in mind the lack of an effective electric vehicle charging infrastructure, even while electric scooters may peak interest, one seems to back out from a purchase in anticipation of inconvenience if perchance one were to run dry of charge while on the road.

Avan’s concept scooters come with a promise of 1000 W and 1200 W in the battery power department. On paper, this makes the concepts fast and efficient. Top speed is pegged at 45 kmph, which is as good as the going gets in the commuter electric scooter segment. Avan Motors’ concept scooters are equipped with 60V26Ah, and 72V/32Ah lithium batteries for improved performance and speed.

As per the company, the six concept electric scooters will be commercially rolled out soon. Avan Xero, and Avan Xero plus electric scooter are already available in the market, and the company is optimistic about current market response.

With five variants projected for launch in quicktime, Avan is keen on optimum product quality, a wide range of colours, and stylistic bikes that fit with customer preference.

Most importantly, the company is deliberating on charging station facility provision. Avan Motors is also hopeful about meeting government plans to drop import to 20 percent to offer a highly localised scooter.