New Bajaj motorcycle to derive its design from Pulsar CS 400?

The new Bajaj motorcycle test mule which was spotted recently has made a whole lot of us curious about its whereabouts. Of course, it had a lot of decoy body parts but the unique stance (higher than the Avengers but lower than the Discovers or Pulsars) strongly indicated that we are looking a new model altogether.

According to our source, the motorcycle will derive several of its design traits from the Pulsar CS 400 (Cruising Sports) concept which was showcased at the previous Auto Expo 2014. For starers, the power cruiser stance is a match.

However, it’s to be noted that the upmarket CS 400 concept was equipped with a perimeter frame, USD front fork and rear mono suspension which are in stark contrast to the new test mule’s conventional diamond frame, regular fork and twin gas charged rear shock absorbers. The new Bajaj motorcycle appears to be a cost effective executive model with Pulsar CS 400 inspired design.

The prototype appears to be powered by a 150 cc mill but going by Bajaj’s tendency to develop a family of motorcycles on a common platform, one can expect more derivatives in the future with varying engine displacements.

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The new Bajaj motorcycle looks like it still has some distance to go before being market ready. A launch in the later part of 2016 seems to be more likely.

Bajaj Pulsar CS 400 Concept – Photos

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