Bajaj Pulsar RS200, NS200, AS200 race to win a girl in new TVC

Bajaj has come up with an interesting TVC to promote its primary products in Spain. The TVC, which is a short film, focuses on three kids with distinct traits but with one common factor – a profound fondness for a girl.

Fifteen years later, the boys become men but their distinct characters and their fondness towards that girl haven’t changed at all. Of course, all the three ride Pulsars – RS 200, AS 200 and 200 NS.

If you expected a battle between three boys for the girl, you are wrong! The short film/TVC has a happy ending. What the flashback part failed to mention is that there are three identical girls in that house!

Bajaj has always known for its interesting Pulsar ads but the recent few left a lot to be desired. This latest Spanish TVC marks the company coming back to form in the ad department.

New Bajaj Pulsar TVC Spanish

In a related news, Bajaj is awfully close to unveiling the most powerful and fastest ever Pulsar – the CS 400. The motorcycle has been spied without any camouflage.

We expect Bajaj not to stop with a single 400 cc Pulsar. We can expect more derivatives targeting different set of audiences in the foreseeable future.


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