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New BattRE Storie Electric Scooter Launch Price Rs 90k – Range 132 Kms

BattRE Storie electric scooter has been launched in India at a price of Rs 89,600 (ex-sh, excluding state subsidy nationally)

New BattRE Storie Electric Scooter
New BattRE Storie Electric Scooter

BattRE Storie is the new electric scooter on the block. With this, BattRE’s EV portfolio further strengthens its greener future quest. Storie is a feature rich, modern day electric scooter. It has metal panels, connected drive, and is designed for improved city commute.

New BattRE Storie Electric Scooter is now available at a price of Rs 89,600 (ex-sh price, excluding state subsidy nationally). Storie is eligible for FAME II subsidy, and is soon going to be available across the company’s 400 dealerships in 300 cities. To date, BattRE has sold over 30,000 scooters.

New BattRE Storie Electric Scooter

Storie is powered by a Lucas TVS motor and controller. It packs in an AIS 156 approved 3.1kWh battery pack. Mileage is pegged at 132 Km on a single charge (ICAT Certified). It is fitted with a smart speedometer integrated with Bluetooth connectivity and turn by turn navigation. Call alerts can be received on the smart dashboard. The Connected Drive feature locates nearest charging stations. The network can be accessed through a ‘pay and charge’ concept for convenience.

BattRE Storie makes the city commute more comfy with its bigger seats and footboards. On the safety front, commuters can access a complete diagnostic summary of the scooter on the go. Its durable metal panels are resistant to scrapes. Adding an additional layer of durability on uncertain roads.

New BattRE Storie Electric Scooter
New BattRE Storie Electric Scooter

Thermal runaway (fire) – Safety

Testing has crossed 1,00,000 kilometres to ensure reliable market readiness. Testing has focused on prevention of initiation and propagation of thermal runaway (fire), additional to what AIS 156 mandates. This is an important outlook since the electric scooter market is only just starting to gauge growth and acceptance. With a handful of fire incidents reported in recent weeks, measures are being implemented to ensure these initial niggles are dealt with for good.

This will help strengthen market sentiment and quash fear mongering. In fact, it’s heartening to see such heightened awareness around a soon to be established industry. Market interest implies a great interest has already been generated, and quite quickly this is translating into increased sales. Storie relies on a combined braking system for better control on varied road types.

Greener mobility

Nishchal Chaudhary, Founder & Director, Batt:RE said, “At Batt:RE, we believe in delivering the absolute best; be it a product or a consumer experience. As a firm step, towards sustainability we are delighted to announce our newest offering Stor:ie, a product of superior engineering and fine craftsmanship designed to ease the life of Indian consumers. Stor:ie is not just a product, it is a means to bridge the gap between the present and a future of easier and greener mobility.

Our offerings are a testament to our rigorous safety protocols and a vision for a better tomorrow. We look forward to creating a robust portfolio of products that are high on innovation and meet the evolving demands of our conscious consumers.”

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