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New BMW G310GS aftermarket accessories launched in India – Price from Rs 1,100 to Rs 20,950

Manufactured by TVS, the new BMW G310GS has been officially launched in India as a capable off-roader adventure motorcycle. However, buyers wishing to enhance its adventurous appeal can avail of a list of accessories as is being offered by MotoUsher, a Nagpur based company that specializes in aftermarket parts.

This list of accessories for the BMW G310GS, though highly priced, are of extremely good quality as they are from noted international brands and exclusively for adventure bikes. Price of these accessories starts from Rs 1,100 and goes all the way to Rs 20,950. It is not clear if these are made in India or are imported. Most likely they are imported as CBU.

The accessories made by noted brands such as Wunderlich, Hepco Becker, Scottoiler, etc include a touring windscreen, rear top case rack, quick release pannier rack, mirror extensions and front suspensions besides swing arm slider and radiator protector guard.

The list also includes a fairing safety guard, headlight protector guard, handle bar raiser and larger brake and gear shift levers. Higher performance EBC brake pads and clutch plates are also offered by MotoUsher.

Prices start from Rs 1,100 for clutch plates while EBC brakes are priced at Rs 1,900. Specially designed Adventure Mirrors are priced at Rs 3,490 which offer less vibrations as compared to normal mirrors while bigger touring screen is priced at Rs 17,900 which protects the rider from windblast.

Other accessories include protection for axle slider at the front and rear, priced at Rs 5,990 and Rs 5,490 respectively. Hand guard storm kits are priced at Rs 11,300, brake line cover is priced at Rs 6,490 while body covers are priced at Rs 9,900.

The most expensive accessory is the side case quick release kit which is priced at Rs 20,950, which along with the other accessories enhances the performance and looks of the adventure tourer. Take a look at the full list with prices in the image gallery below.

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