New Fiat 5×5 scheme offers 5 year warranty, low interest loans

New Fiat 5×5 scheme benefits buyers with a range of offers that not only makes the cars more affordable, but makes them easy to maintain as well.

Fiat Punto EVO-000
Fiat 5×5 is available for new purchase of Punto Evo hatchback, Avventura crossover, Linea sedan or Linea Classic.
Fiat 5×5 is essentially five offers handed in one package. This includes five year total warranty, five free service appointments, five years of roadside assistance, special 5.5 percent interest rate on car loan, and a chance to win an international trip for five select couples who purchase Fiat cars through this program.

But, all five of the above offers are not applicable for all mentioned Fiat cars but Linea. The 5.5 percent interest rate will be given only for Fiat Linea, while the other models get only four benefits in the bundle.

Fiat India‘s attempt to convince customers and prospective buyers that their service quality and customer experience have improved, seems to be costing them dearly. Even on launching new and appreciable models like Punto Evo and Avventura, the company does not seem to be facing significant demand, pushing them to come up with such offers to attract buyers. Nevertheless, Fiat 5×5 seems like an offer to jump at.