New Ford EcoSport crashes after tyre burst – All passengers dead

The accident occurred in Nizamabad district in Dichpally as the family was returning from a marriage in Hyderabad.

A family of four, including a man, his wife and two children died when their new Ford EcoSport Titanium rammed head on into a truck.

The EcoSport suffered a burst tyre causing the man to lose control of the vehicle following which he rammed into an oncoming truck. The impact was such that the car was a mangled mass of metal leaving all four occupants dead.

Though there are no indications as to what speed the Ford EcoSport was travelling at, this stretch along the Nizamabad section generally sees some high speed action as the road has relatively less traffic.

Drivers are often seen to speed through this expressway which has also seen some serious accidents in the past. The EcoSport appears to have T-boned into the truck.

All four in the car died.

It may have crashed into the side and slid under it and in such a situation, car crumple zone or airbags do little to save the lives of occupants.

A burst tyre on the expressway also causes the most accidents and is often fatal. Such instances of burst tyres is a common phenomenon during the summer months as increased temperatures tend to cause more friction at higher speeds.

Story and Images credit to Team-BHP.

Source TeamBHP