New Ford Endeavour fire accident is one-off incident, concludes company

A few days ago, a new Ford Endeavour (Everest) which was being tested by an Australian automotive journalist broke down in the middle of the road and caught fire moments later. The vehicle was more or less fully damaged by the mishap in spite of quick intervention from the fire service.

Ford Australia commenced an immediate investigation of the incident. Several reports surfaced online suggesting that the fire could have been a result of a potential defect in the engine which could trigger a voluntary recall of Endeavour as well as its pickup sibling, the Ranger.

However, the automaker has finished its investigation and is categorizing the fire accident as a one-off incident. According to Ford Australia’s investigation, the fire was triggered by an improperly installed replacement battery whose negative and positive leads came into contact, creating a spark. In a statement, the company said:

All of the data collected during the exhaustive investigation to date indicates this is a situation which is not systemic to Everest or Ranger.

Peter Barnwell, the journalist who was testing the vehicle at the time of the incident reported that the vehicle’s warning lights flashed shortly after which the instrument console went blank and engine stalled. Soon, fire broke out from under the hood.

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